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  1. Methodico
    Methodico Scrapnotcrap
    Hi, how to make 70k in one hour? I'm poor I have 9k in bank! Thx!
  2. Yue Moon
    Yue Moon
    Without Hope, All is Lost
  3. Kanak
    Kanak Wes Furtive
    Sad to see you go, man. I have only been logging in to pay taxes for weeks now, just waiting for the game to improve. Doesn't seem to be happening, and it's just spiraling now... So I guess GG it finally dies.
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  4. Cudelr
    Just letting you all know im a catfish
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    2. Quin Tessence
      Quin Tessence
      I'm kind of a Catfish too, people assume your what ever gender they want you to be. Your an entertaining person no matter who you are!
      Aug 30, 2018
  5. Borracha (Glandurim)
    Borracha (Glandurim)
    Azog general Ork of Flaming Skull: The greater power comes from brute force!
  6. Darktide
    I quit Darkfall 05/31/2018 Due to censorship and disrespect from Staff
  7. Jayson
    ALLCAPS RAGE only i forgot the caps ;(
  8. Cudelr
    Sero Nys is my Fav Darkfall player. His PVP videos are the best. He is a Darkfall god. A LEGEND
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  9. Prospect
    Prospect Andrew
    Hey I am new to the game and was told to ask about a 7 day free trial by Billy Lee and the Police Brutality.
  10. boomheadshot
    boomheadshot Andrew

    I was told to contact you about a 7 day trial by Billy Lee and Police Brutality. Have not touched the game since Aventurine owned it. Heard you made some nice changes and would like to check it out.

  11. rinzebb
    rinzebb MWTaylor
    I would like to second @Zyph. Long time df/dfuh player and super stoked about this project! Thanks!
  12. Zyph
    Zyph MWTaylor
    Hey dude, is there a trial system of sorts? Wanted to test it out, long dfuh player. Thanks!
  13. Rising News Network
    Rising News Network
    Breaking the News!
  14. EgoBasher
    EgoBasher Dartemiss
    WTF is this guy? What you doin bro? :)

    Hey who was the guy that used to run the headhunters? Back in the day? from Brazil?
  15. Clarence Swamptown
    Clarence Swamptown Umberto
    Hello M. Finito
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  16. Umberto
  17. phuture
  18. matthewrivas
  19. xavega
    xavega Bloodscar
    I am seeking player called Gidi Dorvak - if he is online ever. tell him to log on to forums <3
  20. xavega
    xavega Gidi Dorvak
    Gidi.... i miss you.


    find me