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  1. Yomi Scythetalon
  2. Pink Taco
    Pink Taco Vhaeraun Baen%27re
    lol sup dude, mmm it had potential to be. I don't play anymore.
  3. Vhaeraun Baen%27re
  4. Funky zeit
    Funky zeit L1 Saint
    Massive mammaries
  5. Dylan
  6. Varmit
    Varmit Dartemiss
    you still playing? (Sweetjayne)
  7. Titeanus
    Titeanus Neilk
    Hello Neilk I recently put in a ticket about my character recovery and need help please.
  8. Bradtide
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    2. MrsCrazyCatLady
      Dec 13, 2018
  9. Sandor_Clegane
    Sandor_Clegane Andrew
    /2 it's just a guess but I'm thinking my Visa is going to feel the same way about the shenanigans you guys are pulling here
  10. Sandor_Clegane
    Sandor_Clegane Andrew
    you booted me from the official Discord for suggesting new dawn's client was better and I thought it'd be great to see you guys buy that client? I never once said anything bad about roa- I just bought your game. Posted on General chat on your forums-thinking somebody would contact me -since I didn't actually say anything wrong it was just an opinion. I'm contacting my credit card company today. /1
  11. Mitchcuse
  12. newp
  13. Asylum
    Asylum Animal
    you finally got me lol
  14. Token
  15. Ekhi
    LFG . Newb friendly, pvp oriented.
  16. Gour-Wrathslayer
    "Do not argue with stupid, they will drag you down and beat you with experience"
  17. viniciusdel
  18. Inevitable1
    Inevitable1 Bound
    No new name im new player lol
  19. Methodico
    Methodico Scrapnotcrap
    Hi, how to make 70k in one hour? I'm poor I have 9k in bank! Thx!
  20. Yue Moon
    Yue Moon
    Without Hope, All is Lost