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  1. Asylum
    Asylum Donaddor Lightbringer
    DONNYS BACK YAY ps this is lee
  2. Squanto
  3. Asylum
    IGN General Lee Clan CD
  4. Asylum
    IGN General Lee
  5. Uzi666
    Uzi666 MWTaylor
    hi man!The PING of the game has been bouncing recently, may I know the reason? Also can you make this game produce a Chinese version of the package? This way I can get more Asian players to join me as a family
  6. GM Ibis
    GM Ibis Sintan
    Nice signature!
    1. Sintan likes this.
    2. Sintan
      May 30, 2019
  7. Bigbadwolf
    Keepin Grandma warm, New home in Vakrah (former owner Sero Nys
  8. ackaman
  9. Asylum
    General Lee
  10. Castor
    dem shekkelz doe
  11. DipStickJimmy1
  12. FashoMyBro
    FashoMyBro Slayven
    big dog
    1. Slayven
      Fash sup bro..how ya been?
      U playing darkfall??
      Apr 17, 2019
    2. Slayven
      Tell Grimtide let me in
      Apr 17, 2019
    3. Slayven
      hope all is well bro
      Apr 17, 2019
  13. Methodico
  14. Fear MeBeard
    Fear MeBeard
  15. HenkBot
    Bonghitting & Bootyshaking
  16. Porch
    Porch propain
    Have that fool message me.

    I've never even made a game acct just this forum acct when the launched the site.

    I haven't played any games since dfuw shut down. Not sure I want to go back to it because I always get sucked in lol
  17. Virginicus Maximus
    Virginicus Maximus
    Down Here/Douglas Greenway
  18. Kitty MeowMeow
    Kitty MeowMeow Crunchy
    Hey is this crunch from Darkfall 1? The one that lives in Washington?
  19. xzxDJxzx
    xzxDJxzx Mixa KoKs
    Hi there, what is your email we are playing Darkfall Rise Of Agon now as the clan: The Horde!
  20. HenkBot
    Putting the laughter back in manslaughter