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New Profile Posts

  1. Miranda
    IGN: Zensue Mithrandir
  2. MerleisAirdburne
  3. OMalakas
    OMalakas gladimon
    Ήμαστε αρκετοί Έλληνες 3-4 ενεργοί, στη συμμαχία OiMalakes.
    Αν θέλετε ελάτε, μπαίνουμε καθημερινά!
  4. Angelos_Sanguinum
  5. Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson soulpcbr
    And do you still play barb?
  6. Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson soulpcbr
    Hey man can i get a invite to your discord ?
  7. jeffy90
  8. Porch
    Porch Neilk
    I googled it and found the thread
  9. Mitchcuse
    Doing hood rat shit with my hood rat friends
  10. Ibis
  11. Hammerthestonespeedo
    Hammerthestonespeedo Andrew
    your gm's say it is a perma. so i guess wont be comming back to the game. no point playing if i cant read the discord. thanks for the time while it lasted hope the games pop again
  12. Angelwolf167
  13. Darktide
    General Lee plays this account
  14. dpunk
    dpunk SomeBK
  15. Eulock
    Eulock propain
    Yo bud, wow cant believe i won :P
    Im free most of today for the transfer :D How come your getting rid of it btw?
    1. propain
      I got work to head off to, but in about 8 or 9 hours from this post I can be on to transfer it. Getting rid of it because I don't want to pay taxes :P

      If this doesn't work I can be on early on Saturday and transfer it at any time.
      Jul 19, 2019
    2. Eulock
      No idea why i cant send anything but ready to go
      Jul 19, 2019
  16. Asylum
    Asylum Donaddor Lightbringer
    DONNYS BACK YAY ps this is lee
  17. Squanto
  18. Asylum
    IGN General Lee Clan CD
  19. Asylum
    IGN General Lee
  20. Uzi666
    Uzi666 MWTaylor
    hi man!The PING of the game has been bouncing recently, may I know the reason? Also can you make this game produce a Chinese version of the package? This way I can get more Asian players to join me as a family