Official Roadmap

Voting Overview

Players can vote on what development tasks in the Confirmed Features or Sketch Pad phase they deem take priority. Each player has 10 points that they can distribute among any combination of tasks, including placing all (or some) on a single one. Points used in voting are reimbursed and can be used to vote again. This occurs after a task moves to the Completed stage or, if in the Sketch Pad phase, is removed from the roadmap.

Eligible Accounts

Any account that has had 30 or more days of active game time since launch, including those who have used Game Time Tokens, will have 10 points to vote with.


Votes cannot be changed after they are cast, and the points used will only be reimbursed after the task is Completed or removed completely from the roadmap. We recommend reading through the entirety of this page before casting your votes, as each task is in no particular order.

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Features already in the live game.
  • Players can now craft or purchase Runebooks which allow users to bind marked runes and use them over and over again
  • The starter Runebook will allow 6 runes to be bound
  • Users can replace a marked rune with a new one, but the rune being replaced will get destroyed
  • A Runebook can be equipped to the new paperdoll slot which prevents it from dropping upon death
  • Players can add a charge to a Runebook using two Portal Shards
    • The starter Runebook can hold 8 charges
Oct. 19, 2017, 8:25 p.m.
New Village Capture System
  • Each village in Agon now contains three platforms that will become available to capture when a village goes live
  • Parties (including parties of one player) must capture these platforms and acquire a certain number of Capture Points in order to succeed and capture the village
  • No Battlespikes or materials are required for capture anymore
  • The new Village Capture UI provides a party’s current score, the closest competitor score and the Capture Points required to win for those involved in capture
Oct. 19, 2017, 8:51 p.m.
Village Capture Rewards
  • Village capture rewards have been modified to provide greater rewards to those who capture a village
  • Rewards are now instantly provided to the winning party directly into their banks
    • Reagents will be provided instantly into players' backpacks
Oct. 19, 2017, 8:51 p.m.
In-Game Map Enhancements
  • Added the following to the map:
    • Clan cities
    • NPC cities
    • Mob spawns
    • Portals
    • Dungeon entrances
  • A new filter menu has been added to the world map
    • In the filter menu you will find a search/filter box, a distance slider for mob spawns and checkboxes to show/hide different difficulty levels of mob spawns, NPC cities, clan cities and the different portals.
    • Hovering over a portal entrance will display its corresponding exit
Oct. 19, 2017, 8:52 p.m.
Spawn Scaling Expansion
The new spawn scaling mechanics added during beta will be expanded upon and encompass many more types of monsters and mob spawns. These mechanics increase respawn rate and total monster spawn count based on the performance of the group fighting them.
Oct. 19, 2017, 9:09 p.m.
Title System
We will be adding in a variety of titles to the game, some for showing off to other players and others that provide benefits to the player. There will be crafting, leveling, PvP, PvE and exploration titles to be earned which you will be able to access through a GUI planned to be a part of the Compendium of Knowledge.
Jan. 23, 2018, 7:39 p.m.
Champion Loot
Champions will be getting new unique weapons that drop exclusively from the chest found after defeating them. There is also a small chance that players will be able to acquire a crafting recipe that Artisan crafters will be able to consume, giving them the ability to make the item. In addition a new stat consumable will be added to their loot that allows users to bring some stats up to 120.
Jan. 23, 2018, 7:40 p.m.
We will be implementing a local market with global delivery for a fee. Users will be able to list both buy and sell orders on the market. Markets are planned for main NPC cities, chaos cities and a possible building choice for clan cities as well. We aim to also allow players the ability to place buy and/or sell orders on the market for groups of items as well to allow for “gear bags” to be sold. The market will have a standard fee for placing an item up for sale with varying kinds of orders available to be placed.
March 16, 2018, 10:21 a.m.
Capital City Village Teleports
To continue with our casual friendly changes we plan to allow users the ability to travel to a village before it goes live from capital cities. These will cost portal shards and will be open only for limited times, and is something that will be a great incentive for players that are blue.
Nov. 29, 2017, 10:23 a.m.
Remove lesser magic reagent cost
Remove reagent cost for all lesser magic spells. This would allow transfers to be free as well as a few damage and utility spells in case a user runs out of reagents or wishes to not carry any. It would allow lesser magic to retain it's value as a spell school for emergency situations and for non-magic users.
April 10, 2018, 4:12 p.m.
Risk vs Reward System
We're adding in a system to rate users current gear when calculating drops, loot, skins, etc from various activities such as capturing Villages, killing mobs, doing traderoutes, key chests, etc. In a nutshell this system assigns a score based on the value of your equipped gear and the better the gear you risk, the larger your rewards will be.
Nov. 29, 2017, 10:23 a.m.
Confirmed Features

Features that are confirmed to be going in but not organized in any particular order. In some cases we may deviate from the initial concept when implementing if there are technical or other design issues.

Coloured squares:
Green: Complete and currently live.
Yellow: In development, going live soon.
Gear Templates
Tired of spending 5 minutes hunting through your bank to make the same gear bag multiple times? We feel your pain. Gear templates will allow users to copy a bag of items as a template and automatically load them from their bank and into a bag. Choose a template, load it into a bag, pop it in your inventory and right click to equip all the armor. Goodbye downtime - hello convenience.
Mob Armor Recipes
We always liked the unique mob armor available in the game but it was difficult to find and served little more than role play purpose with heavy disadvantages. We are going to add these unique armors as unique recipes that players can find. Once found they can be consumed and then a user will have the ability to create the armor themselves with increased bonuses over their PVE counterpart.
Territory Control
Clan’s will be able to fully control and exploit the lands around their holdings by the use of Control Towers. These towers will give a variety of benefits and control such as extending clan buffs to nearby tiles, giving “taxes” from economic activity in the tile and control over the lawful state of the land. This is only the beginning as there will also be a series of structures that can be built once a clan has claimed a territory with a Control Tower. These structures will require “Energy Shards” to operate which will can be gained through killing mobs and other activities. Structures will include mines, farms, fisheries, local banks, guard/scout towers, portals and various “factories”. Factories will give clans access to all sorts of items, gear and structures through new vendors in clan cities. The design focus here is to give rise to regional powers through economic and combat advantages to connected territories. Taking over a holding will no longer be something done sneakily, it will be a struggle to advance towards a holding or hold your territory from an enemy's onslaught.
Named Monsters
New unique named mobs will be added to the world, and each will have a lore backstory that users can collect and earn titles for. These mobs will also be the primary source for mob armor crafting recipes.
Transmute Skill
The transmute skill will allow users the ability to convert melee and archery weapons to elemental damage, creating more viable PvE options for non-magic users. There will also be ways to transmute staves and armor tied into these changes.
Character Perk System
The perks system will replace the current melee/archery specialisation system in game. It will offer a large variety of perks with multiple levels, each level costing more than the last. This allows players the ability to specialize in a few high level perks or spread out their choices to be more generalized. We plan to add in non-combat related perks as well, expanding on the choices players have with their characters to beyond combat specialisation.
Compendium of Knowledge
This is planned to be a catch-all area to put all sorts of information. This includes a bestiary and character specialisation options such as titles, lore pages, help pages, player and character stats, recipes, etc. This will become the location that users will very often reference for necessary information about the game while they are within the world of Agon and playing.
Armor Changes
Armor will get new robes for mages which can be attuned using the transmute skill to one of the 6 high-end magic schools for bonuses. There will also be changes to the metal and leather/cloth armors to give more specialized choices. Perks will allow users to hybrid between the armors as well to allow players to do actions effectively that normally an armor would negate.
Portal Subway Systems
Portal hubs will bring the world of Agon to the player's fingertips like never before. An “Order” hub will allow safer travel between racial capital cities and the “Chaos” hub will allow travel to and from all continents and many points of interest. Getting around the world, particularly for those blue players wishing to travel between racial areas, will become much more convenient.
Initial Deployable Survival Structures

While clans may own large holdings and control big territories we would also like solo and small groups to be able to have their own place to call their own. We are looking to add in various structures that will feel at home for survival players, allowing them the ability to build small campsites up to large hamlets.

Starting deployables:

*Bedroll - Single player bindstone
*Small storage box - Local weight-based storage
*Basic Workbench - Allows players to build most items in the wild(Likely to change once more structures are added).
Arcane Libraries
Libraries will allow you to store multiple runebooks for convenience and allow you to open your runes to other players to use. We are looking to add these to player cities and houses, with options for opening them up with a use-fee for entrepreneurs.
Pin Codes and Lockboxes

We wish to give more options for customising the access certain players in your group/clan have to items in your bank. This will allow for much more flexibility in clan and group management. The idea is twofold:

  • Allow users to place a global PIN code on their account to prevent personal/clan bank thefts
  • Make a locked box item that you can place in a bank with separate admin and user PINs. This gives much more flexibility for clans to setup boxes with items they are comfortable with different ranks accessing
Artisan skills will be a specialisation choice for high level crafters. Characters will be limited to how many artisan skills they can train which will give various benefits to the craft chosen. Better durability, stats and unique choices will separate everyday crafters and those who dedicate themselves to a particular craft. These skills will be long-term goals for dedicated crafters, as Artisan gear will be the gold standard for marketable items.
Faction System
We are planning to implement four factions to be included in our opt-in faction system. These factions will fight daily for control over various cities, territories and bonuses. The clan and faction systems are planned to be tied in together so a clan can choose to align themselves with a faction if they so wish. There will also be a faction stronghold for each one with various faction activities to partake in, along with various bonuses and faction specific gear made available. A controlled city provides benefits to the controlling faction like reduced vendor costs, special faction items that can only be purchased from a controlled NPC city, and other things of this nature.
Siege System
Several changes will be happening to the siege system to make it more interesting and less of a single fight on a timer. Activity windows will be coming into play which will have a small upkeep but will allow users to set a time when their clan is most active and able to protect/advance their territory. Outside of their activity window they will receive heavy defensive benefits to make it more difficult for “midnight griefing” while they are sleeping, allowing players to rest easy and work without worrying about the empire you built. In addition there will be offensive and defensive benefits to having Control Towers around your own holdings and holdings you want to siege. It will also no longer benefit clans to wait for another to build up a holding and then take it from them as holdings are planned to be heavily decimated upon capture.
New Alignment System
The new alignment system we are designing is time-based and uses murder counts instead of a +/- alignment value as it is now. This system is inspired in part from the one present in games such as Ultima Online but will not necessarily carry the same type of skills/stat loss for a high murder count. Every time a user murders a blue player in a lawful tile they will get a murder count, and each murder will reset the timer to turn back to blue. There are a lot of components to this which we will go into detail on in the future.
Unique Spell School Effects
All high-end spell schools will receive a unique effect, some being immediate and others with a progressive effect that builds over time. This is to further encourage specialization as these secondary effects may be amplified through various perks, transmuted staves and armors.
Staff Formula
The current spell magnitude formula will be revised so that staves will have a much bigger impact on the outcome. This is designed to give real choice between slow/hard hitting and fast/weaker combat styles. In addition there will be balancing done between the spell schools, since it is necessary that each school can stand on its own when developing the Character Perk System.
Choosing Respawn Location
Dying while out on a long run with friends is painful, potentially sending you to the other side of the world. This forces players to grab new gear and head out again on a long journey to meet up which can be demoralizing. To compensate for this, we are adding in the option to choose where you respawn on death, be it the nearby chaos/bindstone to your body or maybe your racial capital or your house? This will also be a great anti-bindcamp feature to prevent users from “locking” a player to their bindstone which is a 100% NOT FUN activity for the camped player.
New Help Pages
We will be adding in new and enhanced help pages that go over game features and explanations on mechanics. These will be located in the new Compendium of Knowledge. We recognize that information is lacking on in-game mechanics and that it is difficult to learn the game without a mentor to show you the ropes. The new help pages will give more information to users so they can better understand the necessary aspects of the game to be able to adapt and thrive instead of being pushed out due to frustration.
Full Loot Changes in Lawful Areas
New players will no longer drop all of their items/gear upon death. As users gain skills/stats and time passes they will transition to more advanced stages of the game and in turn will drop more and more loot in lawful tiles. Full loot for newer players is crushing and favors elite reds far too much, which can make it extremely difficult for new players to get into the game. PvP will still be possible but the sting for newer players will be much less until they have had at least a chance to learn about the game. Once they progress to the point of having basic mastery of their character and some understanding of the game they will be flagged as advanced and drop some loot in lawful, once they have been around much longer and have become far more powerful they will move to the expert level and risk more. This is a controversial change in the Darkfall sphere but it is one that we know to be necessary, griefers need to be kept in check and have had an unfairly easy advantage in the game since its inception.
New Tasks and Task Types
  • New repeatable tasks will be implemented: Daily, Weekly and Monthly varieties planned
  • Nectar of the gods will be added to the early tasks to remove reliance on newbie quests in specific cities
Sketch Pad
Future road map ideas we are considering but have yet to confirm a final design for. It is possible for these to not make it into the live game based on player feedback or for other reasons.
Buff Changes
Buffs are a fickle thing in the game as they are either too powerful or too weak, resulting in users using what they feel are “necessary” buffs before entering combat. Changes will be made so that buffs have bonuses and negatives or only one of a group of buffs may be active at a time. There will be a tactical decision made for each buff instead of just casting them all.
Additional Survival Structures

We'll be continuing to add to survival structures, next buildings on the sketch pad are:

*Enchanting Station
*Advanced Workbench

Newbie Weapons & Basic Stone Axe
Current newbie weapons will be converted to r0 items. They will have extremely low durability but will be able to be crafted without a basic workbench and raw resources. They will no longer stay with your character upon death. A new "Basic Stone Axe" will be the only item that users will keep with them after dying and respawning. It will allow users to deal a small amount of damage and can be used to harvest basic resources only from Trees, Metal Nodes and Stone Nodes at a reduced rate.
Resource Harvesters
Personal resource harvesters will be able to be bought and/or crafted and placed in the world to gather resources for you and can be collected after a set timer. In lawless lands they will be vulnerable but yield higher rewards, in lawful lands they will be invulnerable with lower rewards but can be stolen once finished. We are also thinking on an additional survey system which will allow users to search and find changing "high yield" locations.