Ragaizan, the Jungle Lord

Lore of Agon

The ground rumbles, the trees sway though there is no breeze and suddenly…there he is! An immense, saurian head emerges from the foliage, and it emerges at a truly shocking height! My breath catches in my throat at the sight of this incredible beast. Spanning a height of almost 8 meters tall, this awesome behemoth towers above the clearing in an almost majestic way. His nostrils flare as he takes in the scents of the area and I can literally hear the air rushing through his immense nasal cavity. Clearly, he must possess amazing olfactory senses as his eyes narrow in suspicion at even my cleverly hidden scents!

Yet, after what feels like an eternity, the magnificent beast deems the area safe enough and steps out of the treeline. The ground beneath my paws literally shakes as what must be at least 4-5 tons of lizard steps into the clearing. He gazes around in calm superiority for a moment, his nostrils continuing to flare as he samples the breeze. I can only gaze up in awe and wonder from my hiding spot as this king of the jungle towers above me. It is at this point that I receive my second shock of the day.

Out from the shrubbery and bushes around his gigantic, clawed, feet emerge a number of goblins! By their tribal markings, I would say that they belong to the wildtribe society. Cautiously they creep out of the undergrowth and, once comfortable that the area is clear, settle into various stances of relaxed vigilance. Before long the giant lizard stands surrounded by what seems to be about a dozen or so wildtribe goblin folk! Some of them even begin to administer to several small cuts and scrapes along his legs, no doubt from the surrounding jungle flora. Several of their shamans begin to cast minor incantations and healing spells, all the while chanting what I can only assume is the great behemoth's name. Ragaizan! Ragaizan! they chant again and again.

Unless my Gob-speak is quite rusty I do believe that this translates loosely to "One Big Mother". I can only guess that in some crude, pagan way, these little beings look upon their Ragaizan as some sort of matriarchal figure. Though the actual gender of the beast is unclear to me currently.

Throughout all this, the great lizard stands quite impassive, almost regal. His noble head sways from side to side before letting out one of the loudest roars I have ever heard! His proud bellow continues for some time, during which the goblins cease all activity and gaze up at their Ragaizan in awe. Then, as the roar subsides and leaves the clearing in stunned silence, they erupt into raucous cheer!

What an incredible form of rare symbiosis these two types of creatures have found for each other is truly a marvel to behold. I can only wonder at what series of events brought these two species of Agonian being to such a mutually beneficial relationship. As always, the marvellous ingenuity and diversity that makes up life upon our world, both humbles and boggles the mind!

Arturo Vandelay

We are the architects of our own serenity now.