A god of many talents, Auros’ (Or-Ose) poetry is so moving that countless Mercians fell in love with him. He is also considered to be the most skilled dancer in the history of Agon, possessing talent that makes even Lorathai and Myrthai envious. Though there have been several attempts to pry Auros’ godhood away, he retains his status. The god of humans, Auros played a major role in the Chaldean rise to power. Arch-nemesis of Valdazeer, he strives to protect Mercia at all costs.

Since the very beginning, Auros was the god of the sun, which was his most prized dominion. A rival deity known as Nilzadene, who already held the dominions of moons and stars, plotted to wrest away the dominion of sun to complete the set. Auros did everything in his power to prevent the theft but his efforts fell short. Nilzadene was capable of traveling through time and rewrote history dozens of times before finally being successful.

Enraged by his loss Auros swore to recapture the stolen dominion, though many believe this to be impossible. How can one possibly defeat an enemy capable of bending the rules of time? Surely Auros has a plan.


The second most beautiful god aside from Lorathai. Auros is a tall human with a very muscular build. His skin is black and he has a strong jaw with sapphire blue eyes. His hands are quite large, slightly disproportionate compared to his body. His arms and legs are very long. He has long flowing blue hair. A pale blue aura highlights his magnificent features.


The pursuit of discovery is crucial and must be prioritized. Protect Mercia at all costs, do not allow the Malaut to accomplish their goals. Protect the innocent whether it be by sword or bandage.

Holy Symbol: Leaping black horse

Holy Colors: White & Yellow

Holy Day: The Day of Poetry - May 2nd

Holy Book: Preservation of Purity

Holy Weapon: Sword

Dominions: Humans, Poetry, Dancing, Horses, Science, Purity, Chivalry, Medicine, Math, Plants, Agriculture, Vegetables