A brilliant emerald green dragon that bestowed the gift of high intelligence to the sapient races of Agon. It is because of this that Far-Loradain (Far-Lor-Ah-Dane) is often worshipped by academics far and wide. His next gift was fruit, allowing Agonians to bask in his sweet offerings. A popular and revered god, Far-Loradain has been known to rise to levels of rage that even the god Krull-Nosk can appreciate when his plans are interfered with. This ferocity has been both a blessing and a curse.

The god-king Melek spun a tale, speaking of the goddess Rizurn’s plan to use the ithwen people of Yssam to help steal the dragon’s dominions. In a historic fit of rage, Far-Loradain took to the skies and annihilated every last ithwen. Melek revealed the truth afterward and ridiculed the dragon god. Furious, Far-Loradain attempted to kill Melek. Melek emerged victorious, striking another blow to the dragon god’s ego. Far-Loradain flew to Yssam, where he would rest in a seemingly eternal slumber. It is expected that one day he will awaken and seek revenge. Rizurn forgave Far-Loradain and there could be a secret alliance between the two, perhaps Melek’s treachery will come back to haunt him one day.


An emerald-colored dragon of mammoth proportions. His underbelly is tan and his head boasts a collection of twelve horns. The tip of his tail swirls with green magic.


Anger is strength. Take revenge where necessary; only then will you know peace. Vindication is in action, not words. Blood settles the storms of conflict.

Holy Symbol: Acid breathing dragon head

Holy Colors: Green & Orange

Holy Day: The Day of History - April 16th

Holy Book: Epiphanies of the Emerald Scale

Holy Weapon: Staff

Dominions: Wrath, Intelligence, Jungles, Fruit, History, Dragons, Lizards, Slumber, Schools, Sages