Father of giants, Krull-Nosk (Krull-Nawsk) instilled in them greed in its most pure and extreme form. He planned to use his children to conquer Agon and ransom dominions from the other deities, but it appears as though he will fail. Ridiculed by god and goddess alike, Krull-Nosk continues his efforts despite all odds, not knowing when to quit.

Long ago the mighty god met the spider goddess Kraleena. Krull-Nosk sought to punish Kraleena for denying his lustful advances, consuming many of her favorite spiders. She caught him in her web and ate his eyes directly from their sockets. Since that day the marred god plucked the eyes out of his fallen enemies and slaves, amassing a grisly collection of trophies and striking fear into the hearts of mortals and deities alike. The alfar people tell tales of Krull-Nosk coming to steal the eyes of children that refuse to obey their parents. An effective strategy to discipline their mischievous kids.


A blind giant with pits of black where his eyes once were. He is perfectly muscled with enormous proportions. He wears a savage headdress and is adorned with many eyes from his victims. Completely bald with a sinister visage, the god wields two greatclubs simultaneously.


Increase your wealth by any means necessary. Collect every item of interest. During negotiations, always demand the highest price. Once you have named your price, do not decrease it. Killing your enemies is not enough, slaughter their friends and family until there is no one left. Blackmail any time the opportunity presents itself, this is a good strategy to build your hoard. Removing the eyes of your enemies is the greatest honor.

Holy Symbol: A pile of gold coins and eyes

Holy Colors: Grey & Red

Holy Day: The Day of Slaughter - November 1st

Holy Book: The Blind Eye

Holy Weapon: Club

Dominions: Giants, Brutality, Hoarding, Stubbornness, Greed, Slaughter, Blackmail, Rage, Bullying