It is said that Midnight (Mid-Nite) is utterly humorless, demanding perfection of her people and accepting no excuses. The mahirim, while civilized, maintain all of their animal instincts. Fallen mahirim live eternally in another plane known as the Hunting Grounds. This place is so sacred that mahirim have no fear of death, knowing that their lives are intended to hone their skills and serve the goddess, after which they will receive her most gracious gifts.

Midnight created the majority of animals in Agon primarily to provide prey for the mahirim. Keeping their hunting skills sharp is very important, hunting is practically a religious act among mahirim. It is believed that during the hunt, Midnight is with her children, providing courage and wisdom. “When the blanket of night falls, the wolf calls.” is a famous tribelands saying. Midnight and her children are fond of the moons, drawing power and luck when they shine. For this reason, it is considered extremely dangerous to fight mahirim at night.

Midnight is a close friend of Nilzadene and popular theory states that Nilzadene lends Midnight and the mahirim the power of the moons in exchange for the night cycle Midnight provides. Should this notion be correct, they will likely be allied for all eternity.


A ten-foot-tall bipedal wolf with equal proportions of black, brown, and white fur. Her claws are crimson and she looks like she could jump into a killing frenzy at any moment. She wields two vicious tribal swords and has very prominent fangs. She wears nothing but a red loincloth with a picture of the red moon known as Leen.


The most delicious food is what you hunt yourself, do not rely on others to fill your belly. Work hard to perfect every aspect of your life. Under the blanket of night, a hunt can become an act of contrition, an act of love, and an act of devotion. Do not be afraid to show your strength.

Holy Symbol: Slaughtered deer

Holy Colors:  Blue & Red

Holy Day: The Day of Hunting - September 3rd

Holy Book: Children of the Hunt

Holy Weapon: Sword

Dominions: Hunting, Mahirim, Nightfall, Leatherworking, Destiny, Beasts, Pride, Prey, Teamwork, Courage, Predators