Ragunius (Raw-Goo-Nee-Us) began their life as a maggot, crawling across Agon and despoiling the land inch by inch. As time passed, they became pitch black in color and grew in size as more land was defiled. Eventually, they became large enough to stalk wildlife and people as well. Ragunius rose in power through decay and murder, hungry to end all life.

Through twisted magics, they created Oncylus, an undead magician of obscene power. The plan was to destroy central Agon and spread darkness in all directions. This perturbed many deities as they draw power from the dominions they possess. If Agon was reduced to a desolate husk the deities could quite possibly die. Thus, Ragunius became a problem so large that deities, both friend and foe, banded together in a ritual to banish Ragunius from Agon forever. Though the ritual was successful, Ragunius had already spread their teachings, leaving Oncylus to continue their work, and attracting the darkest souls among mortals to join the cause.


An incredibly long black maggot that corrupts everything they make contact with. Though fairly plump, Ragunius’ pace never slows, once they have a target in mind there is no escape. They have a large mouth with many yellow hooks for trapping victims.


Murder is the ultimate sign of faith, for each life taken is one less obstacle. Do not allow the worship of other deities. Churches must be razed and worshippers slain. Everything in this world is currently or will later become a dominion, thus murder and destruction are tools to be used liberally. Do not rest until Agon is a desolate wasteland. 

Holy Symbol: Black heart

Holy Colors: Black & Grey

Holy Day: The Day of Murder - December 31st

Holy Book: Shards of Tomorrow

Weapon: Axe

Dominions: Evil, Domination, Decay, Hopelessness, Murder, Maggots, Leeches, Persistence, Nightmares