Father of legendary Mercian king Ashur. Valdazeer (Val-Da-Zeer) served his son as his advisor and was responsible for a great deal of his son’s success. Together they developed new sciences and technologies. The sun god Auros would later approach Ashur and convince him that he should take Valzadeer’s place. Awed by the deity, Ashur accepted, expecting his father to understand...he did not. Valdazeer was warped by what he considered to be a betrayal, becoming obsessed with his plots to destroy the Mercian empire.

Impressed by his machinations, the deities chose Valzadeer to join them, little did they know how powerful he would become. With his newfound power, Valdazeer coaxed many of the downtrodden Mercians to pledge their faith to him, becoming his devout followers and servants. With his insatiable thirst for knowledge, Valdazeer created the demi-god Malaut, who would serve as the god’s general in his campaign against Mercia.


A diminutive mahirim with tentacles sprouting from his mouth. His face displays a keen intelligence and wisdom beyond imagination. His eyes are black orbs surrounded by dull blue energy. Robes adorned with many runes in a language only he and his minions can comprehend. It is said that attempts to decipher these runes resulted in madness.


Mercia must fall. No cost is too high to achieve this end. All clocks in existence are a reminder of the urgency of this task. Serve your god in life and death. The pursuit of knowledge is bountiful and glorious, a soul without books is forever lost.

Holy Symbol: Skull dice

Holy Colors: Black & Red

Holy Day: The Day of Knowledge - August 3rd

Holy Book: The Fallen Empire

Holy Weapon: Staff

Dominions: Extinction, Sabotage, Occultism, Afterlife, Ghosts, Clocks, Manipulation, Books, Knowledge, Gambling, Cemeteries, Funerals