You spoke. We listened.

Welcome home

The Veterans of the Darkfall franchise are some of the most loyal followers of any MMORPG that we have ever seen, and for good reason. So loyal, that a good handful of them decided to revive the hidden gem that is Darkfall. We are Big Picture Games, and we are illuminating the grand potential that the Darkfall franchise always had, but was never given the chance to shine.

And more
  • Overhaul of many crafting professions and new items
  • The ability to drop items on the ground
  • Clicking and holding mouse allows you to attack continuously
  • Gearing up and down made less tedious
  • New smart dragging and organizing options
  • New dynamically spawning mechanics and items
  • Player kills reward you with their head as an item
  • Nithron Coin Shop where you can buy in-game services¬†or aesthetics
  • Deployable Vendors are currently in the works
  • Craftable scroll and skill book system to eliminate macroing
  • Single-alignment system
  • Protection for blues in NPC areas to avoid unintentional damage
  • Territory control of alignment
  • New mount sprinting mechanic
  • New racial skills and rebalancing
  • New Dungeon Quests for Meditation point rewards
  • Gathering rates increased to discourage AFK harvesting
  • Control Towers tied to territory control are on their way

This is just the beginning