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Most Members

  1. The Gentlemen
    58 members, 3.7K views.
  2. Liandri
    49 members, 3.9K views.
  3. Furia
    46 members, 2.4K views.
  4. KEKS
    46 members, 3.7K views.
  5. Memento Mori
    43 members, 1.3K views.

public The Gentlemen

Helping you be the best burger flipper out there.

public Slaren

The 8th wonder of Agon
Lawful neutral, big tent clan.

public Memento Mori

Carpe Diem! Memento Mori!
Tradeskill/PVE Exploration Clan

public Freedom

Rise UP Agon! Rise Up !

public LAWLESS

Power is an illusion. You have none

public Grief

The Boys Are Back In Town

public The Horde

(racial clan) Orks / Mahirims only!

public eXe

Collective of bads in DFUW

lock Dream Team

Can we all just be friends?

public New Hope

experienced darkfall guild
"bum, badum, bum, bum, bum"

lock Windmill

Non of that Jackie Chan bollocks