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Information - Immortals

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GODS PvP DF1 and DFUW Clan
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Jan 29, 2016
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The Immortals Community began in 2009 in Darkfall Online. However we did not start as the Immortals.

We began as a 2 man clan... called Azure empire which over a short time turned into a 150 man clan composed of both Americans and Europeans...after a big disaster with the developers of Darkfall we decided to take a break from games but later on we came back and named our sels 'Wanted' a European Clan but we were not to happy with the name so we were reborn as the immortals community which hosts many players from EU to NA and even our cousins from AUS.

Our clan has created a lot of history within games such as darkfall being our birth to WoW to Elder scrolls and even games like CoD.

This a is video of our community in Darkfall online.

From 2009-2012 R.I.P Darkfall origins.

I would suggest watching from youtube and fullscreen HD 1080 as some of the footage cames back from 2009 where the recordings were not amazing. However you see a timeline and improvement throughout the years.

Hope this helps any other information just let me know [​IMG]