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Information - Ironwrath Gaming Clan

Quick Overview

We Have Awoken And Death Follows
Created at:
21 December 2015
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(Older) Recruitment Video:

(Old) Bonus Video For DF Lovers:

About Ironwrath:
We are a multi gaming clan focused in Hardcore PvP. Darkfall is our pride and joy, being the best twitch based combat focused game in the medieval genre. The fool loot and sandbox aspect just makes us fall in love more with Darkfall. We are a small gaming clan with most members aging from 24-45 years old. We do welcome younger players, but they shouldn't be annoying. We love to have fun and bull shit in Teamspeak 3 coms. Our Clan is setup to be more like a family, rather than a work place. In every we game we like to hold some fun activities like lottery's, poker nights, and other team building activities.

Players are expected to use Teamspeak 3 religiously and train with the clan when we do PvP training scenarios. Advancement in our clan is very achievable. To be promoted in Darkfall, you will need to put in your time and build trust among the leadership. We are ope to all types of players, but like I said focus on PvP and PvP'ers. We will do group dungeons and legendary monster farming as a clan. We will have a clan fund to fuel sieges and city/hamlet upkeep. We do play other games, but Darfall is first!

Assassin Parks (Me) - Clan Recruiter, Trainer, & Activity Leader
Kuaz (Sofie Fatale) - Clan Siege Leader & PvP Coordinator
??? - Clan Political Leader
??? - Clan City Management Leader & Treasurer

Current games we are playing:
- Albion Online
- Wurm (Steam)
- R6 Siege
- And others, mostly Alpha & Beta games.

Contact me here if interested or at one of the following:
Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ironwrath/
Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNC8XbLXtFPvQMPr04nR1Xw
Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/Ironwrathgaming


  1. Don't be a stranger and have fun!
Last Updated: 21 December 2015, Updated By: aparks