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Information - Memento Mori

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Carpe Diem! Memento Mori!
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Apr 28, 2017
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Memento Mori is recruiting for launch.
As of right now we have a good group of veteran players from the original Darkfall Online and Darkfall Unholy wars.

We are accepting new players and returning veterans.

We can teach new players how to advance their character and make good gold so as to waste the least amount of time getting to a level where you can compete in pvp.

We can help answer any questions on game mechanics or just general strategy that any of the newer players might have. Our city resources will be reinvested in the clan so that all of our members stay geared well.

PVP school is a must as well as Voice Comms.
In PVP school you will learn general pvp strategy, keybinds, group strategy, siege comms, etc...

We will teach you how to farm high end mobs as a group, Krakens, Dragons, Demons, ect..

You will not be required to donate anything towards building city, sieges, ect...

If the clan needs anything and your trying to sell it we will buy it from you at market rate before searching the trade channels.

Last but not least we all have different playstyles. We have hardcore pvpers, crafters, people who love politics and the pve guys. Everyone is welcome and we have room for different playstyles. We will be willing to show noobs everything from basics to end game content when the time comes.

Join us in discord and start getting to know some really good people. (Private message here for Discord info) Only rule we have is respect your fellow clanmates. We are more than willing to help any new players just do yourself a favor and get a microphone before launch, just about all clans will require it.

Carpe Diem! Memento Mori!​


1) Respect your fellow clanmates.
2) Buy a microphone you cheap ass.
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