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Information - The Horde

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(racial clan) Orks / Mahirims only!
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Apr 5, 2016
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In DF1 There was a very famous clan on the EU server called The Horde, it was an all Ork and Mahirim racial clan, all the old members have been contacted and we will be bringing this back to the game.

We used to roam Ork and Mahirim lands protecting the newbies and looking for pvp.

I will dig out some old videos and pictures from our time on DF1 when I get home from work.

The initial plan on dfuw was to bring The Horde over to dfuw from DF1 but as we all know the game had no racial characters.

We will be going back to basics of being a clan that is based around the racial aspect of the game.

So if your going to be an ORK or a Mahirim send xzxDJxzx, Charax Hatehunter or Dak Drak a pm.

This clan is strictly racial only and will stay that way for the remainder of the game.

To be updated soon...