Rise of Agon Legal Info

Read the Rise of Agon legal documentation below including our terms of service, privacy policy, and EULA. Have any questions? Contact our support team.

This Naming Policy applies to all player-made names in the game we publish, such as characters and clans.

In addition to following our Code of Conduct, player-made names may not:

  • Cause or intend to cause disruptive behavior, such as names that could be offensive or inappropriate to others (e.g., based on context), names that impart any hate toward a person or group of people, including names that reference or glorify discriminatory, terrorist, violent extremist, or criminal organizations as well as their figureheads.
  • Impersonate any individual or entity, including employees or representatives of Big Picture Games.
  • Promote illegal substances, actions, or behaviors.
  • Solicit or promote businesses.
  • Violate anyone's intellectual property (e.g., trademarked names), or other proprietary rights.
  • Use misspellings, alternate spellings, or combinations of words, symbols, and letters to produce a result that would otherwise violate this policy.

Character names may not contain names of significant in-game non-playable characters, groups, items, locations, or lore.

This is not an exhaustive list of things you shouldn't do in creating names, and we may update this policy as our game and community evolve. We reserve the right to take corrective action at any time for any name that we determine to be offensive, inappropriate, or otherwise violate this policy.

Thank you for being respectful of others in our games and community.

Big Picture Games
Updated at: 25/08/2022