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This page will try and clearly explain what's considered exploiting and what is not considered exploiting

Using placeable objects to block for spells / projectiles
[Not Allowed]

Creating walls of bags, campfires or silimars to block for projectiles and spells in PVP or PVE is not intended behavior and therefor is a bannable offence
This does NOT affect strongboxes

Perching [Allowed]
The act of perching on top of high ground shooting monsters is not against the rules if the monster is not stuck in any way, if it's able to move around freely and does so then it's allowed. If the monster's AI is being abused where it's always in the same position and as such can be macroed on safely then we do not allow it.

Leash Range [Allowed]
Fighting a monster while outside of their boundaries is not against the rules if the monster is moving around freely and is not stuck in any way or form.

Boxing-In Monsters [Allowed]
We currently allow boxing in monsters if the monster's movement is restricted by players own bodies or mounts if the monster is able to consistantly attack back onto a target even if it's just the mount. If the monster is not able to attack back and deal damage then it's not allowed, in the case of the devil it's an active job of healing a battlehorn and the whole activity cannot be afk macroed. The devil is being looked at as well as other spawns where the AI is not responding in ways that we desire resulting in monsters being easy to kill.

Stuck Monsters [Not Allowed]
If a monster is stuck on terrain and cannot move indefinitely or for long periods of time then it's not allowed due to the monster not being able to properly fight back if at all. These situations allow players to easily or freely kill a monster in an unintended way or train skills in unintended ways such as macroing on bugged mobs.

AI Exploiting [Not Allowed]
Abusing monsters with their poor AI is not allowed in certain ways as listed below primarily due to being able to macro on them or freely kill them for their drops.

  • Using doorways, cracks and crevices with melee-only monsters (usually) where the player is capable of afk macroing due to the monster not attacking and moving away from the position. Some monsters never run away where others will occasionally move but ultimately stay at that single position the majority of the time.
  • Trapping monsters outside of their leash boundary where the monster does not attack back the majority of the time if at all, allowing players to macro or freely kill the monster.

Geometry Exploiting [Not Allowed]
Players exploiting themselves inside and through geometry is not allowed and is also a bannable offense, players who recently logged on and are unintentionally inside a building will be expected to leave shortly afterwards. We will not punish you if you have just logged on and found yourself in the keep for a couple minutes. Players who are caught logging out on buildings with the clear intent to escape player vs player combat by sinking into the building will be punished accordingly.

Casting Through Objects [Not Allowed]
Inserting part of a characters hit box into an object (example: house roof or under tree roots) to cast ray spells through objects is not allowed and will result in a ban if found doing so.

Moving Players In NPC Cities [Situational]
Players abusing game mechanics to grief or kill players by moving them within NPC cities is considered exploiting in certain situations. Actions that do not trigger the guard towers to move players such as knockback attacks with newbie or hit protection, dragging players with funhulks and warhulks, or using spells such as begone to move players through cities with the intention to excessively grief or kill a player will be treated as an exploit.

Mounted Stamina Exploit [Situational]
Any player who is caught intentionally abusing the mount stamina bug where a player can gain additional stamina recovery while running with the mount walk animation will be issued a verbal warning followed by a infraction for repeated use. As this bug can be done accidentally without realizing it we will always begin with a verbal warning. Please send a GM Report if a player is abusing this bug and a GM will respond to your report as soon as they see it, if a GM does not respond in time then we will accept a video recording of the user exploiting this bug and issue the appropriate verbal warning or infraction afterwards.

Siege Stone Placement [Situational]
As long as a siege stone was placed at a location that does not require geometry exploiting or incomplete terrain in order to access, and that the siege stone is vulnerable to be hit from at least one side then a siege stone placement is legal. If the siege stone placement location was geometry exploited to access or if it's not exposed from any side then it is an illegal placement and a GM will have authority to destroy the siege stone or order a clan to stop their siege. A siege spawned up against a wall or object will be partially merged with the terrain it is up against and can still be legal as long as the center point where it was spawned was not exploited and that it's still vulnerable to be hit from one side.

In addition to exploitation we will also not allow siege stones to be placed inside player cities as it causes an unfair advantage to those involved.

If you are unsure of a siege stone placement then please send a GM Report to ask a GM to inspect the placement if it looks like it may have been exploited or if your desired location before placement is legal

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Updated at: 04/05/2023
04/05/2023: Added section about placeable objects