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Owyn Magnus
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13 May 2019 at 9:54 PM
26 August 2015
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Owyn Magnus

Varangian Warthane

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13 May 2019
    1. Avenging Martyr
      Avenging Martyr
      Hello, I played DF 1 on NA for several years. I'd like to join absolution and get into the alpha :) I was Soulless Avenger with Vengeance on NA. I was a major, primarily a soldier/crafter. I'm looking for a new group to hang with and get back into darkfall.
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      2. Avenging Martyr
        Avenging Martyr
        Yep, his name should be Tru. He was another soldier/crafter in vengeance with me. After DF he was my wingman in several games. Good guy, competant and loyal. I did the application/registration on that site you linked.

        Edit1: Okay I registered an account. Not applied. Soon as I got my account running I'll fill out a application.
        4 February 2016
      3. Tru
        Yeah, I am with Avenging Martyr, Sorry for the confusion. I will apply shortly.
        4 February 2016
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      4. Avenging Martyr
        Avenging Martyr
        Lol, he's a man of few words but good in a fight :) Anways hope you give us a shot Owyn. We'll be worth it. I recruited and trained Tru when he was new to darkfall. By the end he was one of my main wingmen.
        5 February 2016
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    2. Keropien
      Hey Owyn, you guys creating a Clan Group on Forums here to go to Clan Alpha?
      If yes im here and like to join the Absolution Forces again ^^

      1. Owyn Magnus
        Owyn Magnus
        Yes! Join up and I will approve!
        30 January 2016
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