Reaper black and crown gold infernal armor on a Ork
Reaper Black and Crown Gold makes for a nice combination.

Akathar Update Hotfix Notes - December 19th


Greetings Agonians,

We apologize for the dye crafting skill issue with it disappearing. Due to the nature of the bug it isn't feasible for us to go over every account to confirm and reimburse specifically and rolling back isn't a viable option either. To this end we will be giving some compensation items to all accounts created before this fix went live. The issue was fixed and the fix has been tested successfully on live on a few accounts so we're looking good, please report if you have any other issues on the bug report forum.

Hotfix notes 18 december, 2019

  • Dye crafting skill no longer disappearing after relogging.
  • Freemium accounts are now able to craft mastery items and post up to 20 market orders properly.
  • Fixed some mobs healing each other when they shouldn't be

Hotfix notes 19 december, 2019

  • Crown gold pigments removed from chaos chests, the dye cannot be crafted it can only be purchased from the vendor.
  • Crown Gold should now be listed on items dyed with it
  • Dye Crafting requirements are now showing correctly in tooltip
  • Text color of requirements in crafting skills tooltip tweaked to be more readable
  • Freemium accounts should have their backpack restricted to 350kg again
  • Various loot tweaks



The team at Big Picture Games