Akathar Update Patch Notes - January 16th


Greetings Agonians,

Today’s patch is largely focused around enhancing the pve experience. Certain reward systems were outdated and have been tweaked or re-imagined altogether. Moving forward, we will continue to enhance pve, especially for groups.

Loot and Crafting Updates

  • All dungeon daily quests have had their random rewards updated and now have a matching random reward loot table, which has a plethora of possible rewards. The new loot table should be significantly more appealing. 
  • Chest and map loot has been updated. We know there has been a strong desire for keys and maps to reward players with dyes, and we are happy to accommodate. Chests have two new dyes, called Dream Blue and Hunters Olive, while maps also have two new dyes, Marauder Maroon and Twilight Lavender. Additionally, gold has been moderately increased, while consumables and equipment have been removed. The design goal was to create a more rewarding experience while reducing clutter and adding value to the alchemy crafting skill.
  • The ice dragon loot table has been enhanced, including a hefty haul of the new Ice Dragon Blue dye.
  • The Reed Boat has been renamed to Reed Trawler, had its crafting cost reduced, and a large increase to fish box yield. If you're brave enough to venture to lawless waters, the rewards are even greater, and better yet still near the domains of the Kraken and Ice Dragon. You may even trawl up some pigments.
  • Fish boxes can only be placed on Reed Trawlers and no other ship.
  • Alchemy recipes have been updated to include more herbs, giving them a more meaningful purpose. Enchanting material requirements have been slightly modified to add value to certain monsters and materials.
  • The gold cost to combine treasure map fragments has been removed.


  • Capital city billboards allow teleportation to lawless villages (unchanged)
  • Lawful city billboards allow teleportation only to lawful villages
  • Lawless city billboards allow teleportation only to lawless villages


  • New player keybinds have been updated
  • The new player tutorial has been updated to explain benefits of food
  • Players now have a starter shield
  • Players start with 5 Berry Oatmeal in backpack to be used in tutorial

Bug Fixes

  • Kill sharing in pve is now functioning as intended
  • Monster health regeneration is working correctly again
  • Many incompletable quests have had their objectives slightly modified and should now be completable 
  • Obsolete crafting tools removed from loot tables, quests and tasks
  • Optimizations to texture loading, the issue is not completely resolved. We recommend to relog every few hours to alleviate the issue.
  • Removed disabled spells from meditation and their scrolls recipes from crafting
  • Tweaked system holding system messsages
  • Corrected some typos and chat messsages
  • Switched Small battlespikes out with Light Concussion Grenades in quests
  • Player Tile Checking should be more accurate (Please inform us if the area you are in i.e Capital City is not what it says under your mini-map)

We hope to do a follow up patch next week to further focus on the activities in the game that are underutilized and not rewarding to the players. We would love to hear your feedback on this in the discussion thread.


The Big Picture Games Team