Baradron Update Patch Notes - April 3rd, 2020 - Land Fortress


Greetings Agonians,

Today we would like to introduced the long awaited Land Fortress and some other tweaks to accommodate it. The support we have been getting recently from the community is amazing and we are so thankful. We would also like to remind all new and returning clans, that yesterday holding maintenance kicked in and there is a lot of good starter holdings around Agon free to capture. This would be a great way to get back into Agon with your clan. Patch notes as follows.

Land Fortress

The Fortress is located dead center map, it is possible to capture it using cannons or warhulks. The fortress will go live once per day, each day will alternate between going live at 21:30 UTC and 2:30 UTC to try and accommodate all our players as best as we can. The fortress will reward 1000 platinum per capture, the fortress is unique in the fact that it will grant a buff to the clan that captured it until the next fortress goes live. The reward will choose between 3 buffs at quality four levels to start with. Encumbrance, Stamina Efficiency and Mana Efficiency are the 3 chosen to start with. These do not stack with existing enchants/buffs.


  • The costs for the BattleArk have been reduced to 15 Warhulk Mods and the cost of a Vileforge have been reduced to 20.
  • Gardoroc spawn in Ubelenfau has been moved east near Ottenhal
  • Clan size is now taken into account for capturing neutral holdings

That's all for today, we hope everybody has a safe weekend. Remember we have a 10% bonus on all our Nithron Coin packs.


The Big Picture Games Team