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Beta Incentive Program and Upcoming Store Updates


Hi everyone,

As we continue to work on our next patch, we wanted to outline what our Beta Incentive Program will be during Closed and Open Beta. This program is tied to the Mysterious Essences that you all have been collecting during your time in-game (and yes, next patch these will be stackable!) as outlined below. We also will be going over some updates planned for our Online Store that we hope to have available sometime before launch, including services such as race changes and sex changes and in-game playtime.

We wanted to remind everyone again of our Lifetime Subscription Community Video Competition! Entries must be submitted by October 5th at 5 P.M. EST and we look forward to all of your submissions!

Beta Incentive Program:

In a game like Darkfall: Rise of Agon, one of the things we did not want to do with our incentive program is to provide in-game advantages that affected things like character progression or player wealth. We plan to instead allow you to turn in the Mysterious Essences that you acquire during your time in beta in-game in an upcoming patch. Doing so will provide your Player Account points for use in our upcoming changes to our Online Store. Points will be used to purchase new services, in-game time and eventually cosmetics down the road.

Upcoming Store Updates:

We will be implementing new services such as race changes, sex changes, clan name changes, and character names changes at a later date. There will also be a new mechanic that can be used in-game to easily check the previous aliases of characters so that those who want to change their name cannot hide from their true identity when these services go live.

There will also be subscription time that can be purchased using points, with various packages available after commercial release. For Open Beta players will be able to gain access with a Hero or Legend pack, through a monthly subscription, or by using points to buy subscription time.

Eventually we plan to have cosmetics that can be purchased through our Online Store, but those type of things would not be available in the beginning. However with that said, we will not be implementing any items for purchase that can affect in-game progression or gameplay.

Please let us know if you have any questions in our discussion thread and have a great weekend!


- The Team at Big Picture Games