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Beta Incentive Program Reward

Player Points to Nithron Coins

Throughout our pre-launch development phases, players have been able to find and use mysterious essences in game. These items add player points to your account which we will be converting to Nithron coins. After the conclusion of Early Access, which ends this Monday, April 24th, everyone's account balance of player points will be converted into Nithron coins. These coins will be added to your Nithron coin account balance for use on subscription tokens at launch, future in-game services, as well as cosmetics when we add them in our live patch cycles. The following is the ratio of player points to Nithron Coins:

12.5 Player Points : 1 Nithron Coin

There are only a few days left to use the mysterious essences that you have acquired, so make sure to add as many player points to your account as you can! Thanks to all of you who helped us test the game since we brought up the servers for development, and we hope you enjoy the last few days before we do final preparations for launch.

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- The Team at Big Picture Games