Crog Public Test Server Updated Patch Notes - July 2nd 2020


Greetings Agonians,

The items below are the second stage of PTS testing, we appreciate all the help from the first stage.

Developers will be engaging with testers through discord and forums where you will be able to get tester roles and the forum thread for this news post.

Join our discord by using this Discord Link

Download the PTS launcher by using this Download Link

**You can copy the data .sfad files from the live version to the PTS folder, this will save you the hassle of downloading them again.**

Use this app made by the player Dagon Raysler to backup your character folder from live to save your keybinds and bank sorting. Click on Backup before logging into PTS and click on restore after logging out of PTS! Download Link You can view the source code for it here https://pastebin.com/jNCkfLxJ

Rune glyphs

  • Rune glyphs can now be captured and controlled by any clan. To initiate a capture, you need a Glyph Wand item. This will be a craftable item using a new ingredient Netherite and some other items.
    To initiate the capture, double click the Glyph Wand in your backpack when you are near the glyph you want to capture. This will start a 5 minute timer and warn the clan that currently owns the glyph that it is being challenged.
  • When the 5 minute timer is up, you can alt-use the glyph to capture it for your clan.
  • Controlling clans can choose to block the glyph or charge a tax to others.
  • There is no cooldown on Rune Glyphs being challenged.
  • Glyph Wand is crafted using construction.

Land Fortress Changes

  • The land fortress mechanics have been changed, there is 3 cannons located around the land fortress.
  • These are the only siege weapons that can damage the tower.
  • These cannons use a new material called ‘Chaldean Black Powder (name pending)’
  • The Land Fortress will now only go live every second day alternating between EU and NA time.

Weapon Bar

  • A weapon bar has been added to the Paperdoll window. The purpose of this is to simplify the process of binding weapons and to make it more similar to other games.
  • You can change binds directly on this paperdoll window as with other slots. It also has a bind overlay.
  • You can associate a default hotbar slot with each weapon that you add onto the bar


  • Textures and Shaders have been updated for the following areas/items
    • Ork area buildings, dark rocks, tress and meshes.
    • Mahirim area buildings, elevators, shops and bridges
    • Rubaiyat area buildings, rocks, trees and pyramids
    • Center map area obsidian rocks.

Holding Quests

  • Daily quests have been added to a select few holdings around Agon.
  • These quests consist of dailies to kill champions (Objective and rewards are still WIP, feedback welcome)
  • Each continent has one holding that gives the daily quest for each area
  • Kholesh, Chuharacua Bay, Dayar, Ul’Sulak and Angfrost
  • Players can no longer share quests with their party. Each player who wants this quest will have to go to the new Councillors in each holding to get it.

Sanguine Slots

  • There is now a slot machine area close to the mages guild in Sanguine
  • There is 3 types of slots 100, 1000 and 10000 gold


  • Daily/Weekly tasks have been changed so now they will reset at the same time each day for dailies and at the same day/time every week for weeklies.
  • An enchant tab has been added to the bank, it has basic functionality atm but we plan to expand to sort by quality etc.
  • Players can no longer list low dura items (below 20%) on the market
  • Reduced more system message clutter, removed spell/skill success message
  • Commands for sharing of quests has been disabled for players
  • Netherite renamed to Foreboding Crystals

Temporary PTS Changes

Construction Crafting skill

  • Glyph Wand has a test recipe (Recipe is not final and due to change before Crog patch is going live)
  • Foreboding Crystals has a recipe that cost 1 gold for 1 Foreboding Crystal for test purpose, it will not be a craftable item once Crog patch goes to live server
  • Chaldean Black Powder has a recipe that cost 1 gold for Chaldean Black Powder for test purpose, it will not be a craftable item once Crog patch goes to live server


- The team at Big Picture Games