Crog Update Patch Notes - December 1st, 2020


Greetings Agonians,

Today we have a holiday patch for you, which also includes our first forsaken item that we have added to the game. We have also added new rare enchanted transmutes drops to various hard mobs around Agon. We will be adding more Forsaken Items in the near future as discussed previously on the forum as we expand the possibilities for items in Rise of Agon.

Outside of this patch work is continuing on Relics, we faced some challenges implementing this but expect it to be in testing on our public test server soon. We have also been working on a new feature called Obelisks, these are artifacts which can be captured by clans and held in their cities. They will provide unique buffs and bonuses to the owning clan and can be raided by other clans to steal for themselves.

Christmas Dyes have also been added to the Nithron Store, they will be available for the month of December only

A new toy hunt has begun, go to this thread for more information


  • Christmas drops have been enabled.
  • Christmas Chaos Chest have been enabled.
  • Ice dragon had its stats tweaked and now has lower HP, Regen and resistance to Undeath.
  • Eggnog recipe added under Holiday Food in cooking.
  • Eggnog will be a 15 min duration food which gives 32 / 32 / 32 gains
  • Vanilla Extract, a rare material which is used in Eggnog crafting is an uncommon drop from the Icejarl for the duration of the holidays.
  • Ice Dragon has been re-named Kroshogo and lore surrounding Kroshogo will be following at a later date.
  • Removed Son of Ochran spawn in capital area.

Forsaken Items

  • The first forsaken item has been added to the Ice Dragon as an uncommon drop, Kroshogo's Stolen Tears will not drop on death when equipped. It has the following attributes:
    • 20 durability
    • 6 Cold Protection
    • 4 Slashing Protection
    • -5 Fire Protection

Transmute staffs

Enchanted Transmute staffs has been added to the following mobs, these staves are rare drops and are different to standard transmutes as they have 0.6 speed.

  • Staff of Legend - Minotaur King
  • Bone Staff - Gardoroc
  • Rod of Origins - Moonbeast Ravager
  • Cursecaller - Sun Exarch
  • Draunadon - Gargantua
  • Sarracenia - Baradron
  • Snakesight - Theyril Golem

Bug Fixes

  • Lend Mana can now be meditated.
  • Description correction on toys and bows.
  • Dyes which cannot be used for research now state it.

That's all for today, watch our website and discord for more news soon. Thank you all for the continued support in this crazy year.


The Big Picture Games Team