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Crog Update Patch Notes - November 4th, 2020


Greetings Agonians,

Today we have a follow-up patch to our small patch last week with some more fixes for the weapon bar to fix some issues introduced last week. We have also brought back transmute staves in anticipation for more niche play-styles being viable with Relics. We have also back the original DFO robes. Thanks to all for the continued support.


  • Robes models, names, and descriptions are reverted back to their former versions (recipes and stats are untouched)
  • Transmute staffs are back to how they were in DFO (recipes can be found on our wiki
  • Frostbrand 1 handed sword had its recipe updated to use correct Q2 Hoarfrost and can now be crafted
  • Various text corrections
  • Radiant Quartz should no longer be a black icon when linked

Weapon Bar

  • Fix stutter bug. Auto equip causes FPS drops with sword/board slots. The more sword/board auto equip slots you have, the more obvious it becomes.
  • Add missing sixth slot option in hotbar config dropdown under Trigger Weapon Bar Slot.
  • Make shield auto equip mechanics more obvious
  • Included a paragraph in the weapon type filter explaining how shields are handled
  • Add a shield sprite to the 1h weapon type sprites in the weapon type filters to make it obvious that you're always equipping a shield
  • Change speed and damage auto equip filters to treat starter weapons as the worst options regardless of their actual stats. Reasoning behind this is that, for example, a dawnstaff is faster than other staves but cannot be used to level elemental schools. Tooltips for damage and speed sort + filter were updated to reflect this change.

We'd like to thank everybody also for their help in building out our wikipedia page which can be found here


The Big Picture Games Team