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Development Update and Patch News

Greetings Agonians,

Today we have a few things to talk about and inform the community on what’s coming up in development. TJ has a write-up he’d like to share with the community that provides some behind the scenes look into our work and thought process. Check out the full post here

We’ve had a few patches recently that turned the clock back based on feedback from the community on some of our combat changes in the last several months as well as some new tasks, a new clan window/management system and activity windows for sieges to name a few. Coming up we have some key additions below we’ve had in the works for a while that we plan to patch over the next month:

New system for dying Armours! 

Stand out amongst the crowd or make your group look united! New materials, a new crafting skill and hunting for those pigments will bring new reasons to explore and hunt in the world! We'll post a few WIP screenshots of the colours we're refining to make em look great!

Lawful zone changes

Changes to where new players spawn, new player quests and various mechanics changes to the way encounters happen in lawful areas as well as new lawful zone definitions.

Oblivion Cards

These will provide a way to acquire both new and existing materials as well as some unique items!

Check out TJ’s write-up linked in the opening paragraph for more details and keep an eye out for design threads coming out in the next week for the new additions we have coming out!


Thank you for reading and we look forward to your feedback as always :)


The Team at Big Picture Games