Q3 2017 Developer Update

Development Update and Q3 2017 Road Map


Greetings Agonians

It has been close to two months since Darkfall: Rise of Agon officially launched, and these first few months have been quite the journey for our team. We were very humbled at the response and support that we got when we released the game, but with it came an assortment of server and game logic challenges that we have had to overcome. We appreciate all of the feedback that we continue to get each and every day from so many of you, as well as everyone’s patience as our team worked to resolve server crashes and delays.

Although we will continuously work on improving server and game client performance throughout the development of Darkfall: Rise of Agon, we feel we are now at a point where we can shift our focus back to our original plans. New content and game mechanics are what we all are here for, and so for us it is time to start working on the fun stuff again.

Today we are happy to release our first quarterly development road map and provide an overview of how this process will work. We will be releasing a smaller patch in early July to finish off a few things that we have been working on and to give us a clean slate for the upcoming development cycle.

Development Cycle Overview

Our original goal for launch was to begin focusing on monthly content patches, outlining what our goals are and to get all of you in the community involved in the process. This was obviously put on hold while we worked through the various challenges we faced at launch, but with the majority of those issues behind us we can start implementing our previous plans.

Every quarter we will be releasing a development road map that will provide an outline of what our priorities will be for those months. Today’s road map for Q3 of this year encompasses the game mechanics we have been planning to focus on for a while, but we will be releasing methods for you in our community to help us prioritize future content cycles as well.

There will be design discussion threads on topics that we are working on in order to provide you all with the opportunity to share your feedback and help shape the upcoming systems. Our public test server will also open whenever we need feedback on something and we will be hosting events to help test key mechanics and systems before they go live. There will also be public polling done from the game launcher and other means so that we can get as much feedback from as many people as possible during this process.

The following is our first quarterly roadmap which provides an overview of the key mechanics and new content that we will be focusing on. We will dive into more specifics of each section in future threads, and look forward to all of the discussions to come.

Q3 2017 Road Map

  • July
    • Deployable Player Vendor mechanics are the primary focus
    • Over 100 new tasks with character titles and loot for rewards
    • Unlocking Champion spawn chests and applicable rewards
    • Character Alteration Token mechanics for race changes
    • Releasing Founder’s Blade to all Legendary Pack owners
  • August
    • Deployable Control Tower mechanics are the primary focus
    • Identity Alteration Token mechanics for name changes
  • September
    • Armor and weapon dye mechanics are the primary focus

Thank you for reading today’s update and have a great weekend.

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- The Team at Big Picture Games