Niflheim, fortress

February Update 2024

Greetings to all our Agonians, old and new!
We've got a few things in motion, and we'd love to share some of that with you.

A new programmer has arrived on the scene.

Teemo got a decade of backend dev experience and IT security working for a number of companies.
He's an amazing addition, and looks forward to working with the team and contributing to the project he's spent countless hours on over the last decade.

With regards to 64-bit RoA.

We've found a lot of success working with Vivox as a VOIP solution.
We're currently restructuring the 64-bit server by hand, this takes a lot of work, but the time and dedication is our way of learning from past errors.
Not only is Java updated on the 64-bit client, but content-wise, the duel system and the faction cities are working on 64-bit dev build.

faction claim.png



In conclusion.

We would like to give a little bonus to those that have maintained their active sub while the game has been down and is being worked on. For each month you've remained subscribed during the downtime, we will be doubling your subscription time.

This means if you've maintained your subscription through this period, you'll receive twice the game time for each month subscribed.
A unique one-time title: The Faithful.
A special skin: Phoenix Rebirth Blade.

If you discontinued your subscription within this timeframe, we will still double the duration you accumulated, but you will not receive the title/skin.
People with lifetime accounts will get both title and skin.


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