First Community Patch - Topic Overview and Initial Poll


Greetings Agonians,

Thanks again to all of you who joined the recent Community Patch Q&A with Michael. We received a lot of great feedback from it, including the topics we will talk about today, and plan to host another one towards the end of October.

Today's update is a follow up to that discussion and will help shape the first community patch that is developed. We strongly encourage you to get involved and cast your vote in the first poll found below!

Community Patch Topics

The following topics were compiled from discussions during the Q&A and have been approved for development in the first few community patches. There are two topics that we plan to put some design work in before presenting to the community to vote on, and others that were removed from the list due to future plans to address them. The two topics reserved for a future poll are the Airdrop Events and Salvaging/Combining Items.

Here are the topics that will go to vote today:

  • Champion of the Day
  • Remove/Reduce Screen Shake
  • Trade Route Enhancements
  • No Paperdoll Drop in Lawful Lands
  • Togglable Clan Tags
  • Clan Party and Alliance Indicators
  • Floating Combat Text and Expanded Combat Log
  • Runebook Shelves
  • Rare Monster Armor Crafting Recipes
  • Re-introduction of Buff Other Spells
  • New Protection Jewelry

First Community Patch Poll

The first official poll is now live that includes all of the eleven topics listed in the above section. There are 11 questions, one for each topic, that are Yes/No questions. Topics that receive 2/3 Yes votes will move on to be added to the upcoming ranked poll. The link to the official poll is as follows:

Rise of Agon - First Community Patch Poll

We appreciate all of you who take the time to cast your votes. We will let this run over the weekend and then will release the Ranked Poll where players can prioritize what is most important to them. The topics that reach the top will be the first items developed and will be included in the first community patch.

Thank you for reading today's update and have a great weekend.


- The Team at Big Picture Games