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Free Period to Run from Oct. 27th - Nov. 7th


Hi everyone,

We initiated our free period this morning during server maintenance. This allows anyone who creates an account on our website the ability to download, install and log into Darkfall: Rise of Agon for free! There are no restrictions to what you can do in-game during this time, providing the perfect opportunity to test out recent changes or to give the game a try for the first time. This free period will run until server maintenance on Tuesday, November 7th

During the free period we will be hosting a few GM events that will be announced over the coming days. One such event, "The Hunt for the Bewildered Brownies", will give players the opportunity to find and acquire one of a select few rare Runebooks that will have more runeslots than the basic one found on the vendor.

Stay tuned for more information on the events that we will be hosting for this free period and we look forward to seeing you in Agon!

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- The Team at Big Picture Games