Player Stories Introduction

Free Trial Extension, Sea Towers and "Player Story" Videos


Hi everyone,

It has been an exciting couple of weeks for us on the team and we are happy to see so many of you out in the world having a good time. Seeing as there are many new players we have seen joining and streaming the game, we have decided to extend our free trial period until server maintenance on the morning of Monday, August 22nd. This gives all of you the chance to play throughout the weekend before our free trial ends. We also are going to use this weekend to enable the Sea Towers, one on Friday and the other on Saturday, after which sea towers will begin a countdown towards their next go-live date.

'Player Stories' Videos

We are currently in the process of capturing footage for an ambitious Darkfall: Rise of Agon video. Part of that process involves your help, as we can not be everywhere at once. If there is PVP of any kind, a group performing an activity together, a powerful monster being battled, or anything you deem video worthy, please send "Camera Man" a private message in-game with the relevant information.

During this process of capturing footage, there will be many great scenarios or happenstances that I will have the pleasure of recording. And instead of only cutting up little tid-bits of that footage, and putting it in a future video down the line, we thought it was best to make something out of it.

We are happy to introduce the beginning of the "Player Stories" series. Each video in this series will focus on the players themselves and what they experience in the wonderful world of Agon. These videos are not scripted whatsoever. A private message will be received on something taking place, and the eye in the sky simply records what happens. Darkfall players have been through all kinds of exciting, hilarious, and downright brutal experiences throughout the years and we thought it was about time to start documenting some of them for everyone's viewing pleasure.

For the first video of the series, I present to you "Trouble in Ahbelaj". We look forward to your feedback, and hope you enjoy!


Thank you for reading and join us in the discussion thread.


- The Team at Big Picture Games