Devil Casting

Happy Holidays 2016



Greetings everyone. On behalf of everyone here at Big Picture Games I would like to wish our community a belated Merry Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year!

A month has passed and a great deal has been happening behind the scenes that we’d like to share, including:

Website Updates

Our Web Development team is hard at work building all of the back-end systems that we’ll need to launch the game, including an account management system, payment integration system, and upgraded website.

Game Design Roadmap

Our Game Design team is working on finalizing a roadmap for alpha and beta that we’ll be sharing with you soon.

New Videos

Our Audio & Video team is currently storyboarding some new promotional videos, and we’re looking forward to getting the community involved when it comes time to shoot some epic scenes in-game.

Beta Access

Our Marketing team is finalizing the pay structure for beta access which will include several donation levels to make the game as financially accessible as possible to all players.

Deployable 3D Models

Lastly, our team of Artists is working on concept art and models for the new deployable feature we plan to introduce.

New Forums

We're excited to announce an upgrade to our forum platform! Read about the details here to see what kind of new changes you can expect.



Thanks for everyone who took part and sent us questions, you can read the answers here. This will be the final round of Q&As until we secure our licensing agreement with Aventurine.

While things have seemed quiet around the forums, rest assured that we’re all hard at work to bring Darkfall back to you!
Thanks for reading and for all your support. Have a great week and a Happy New Year!