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Greetings everyone,

Today we are happy to announce that Big Picture Games has acquired the license for Darkfall Online. We realize that this process has taken longer than anticipated, but we wanted to ensure that we did our due diligence to secure a bright future for Darkfall and our community. Our team is hard at work getting everything situated on our end so that our Alpha can start as soon as possible.

Make sure to sign up for our free Alpha test if you haven’t already and we welcome you to get engaged in our forum discussions. Our Groups page feature is a great way for clans to consolidate themselves on our forums. Registering and being active in our community increases your chances of gaining entry into our Alpha phase. 

Over the coming weeks our team will be integrating our payment and account management systems in preparation for our Alpha launch. We will be releasing more detailed information on our pricing structure, development schedule and game design road map over the coming weeks. Our next announcement will be the initial development roadmap which we will be presenting on Friday of this week. This document will go into detail on what we plan to focus on during our Alpha and Closed Beta development stages.

From all of us at Big Picture Games, we would like to thank you for your continued support, as well as patience, as we worked towards acquiring this license. The most exciting times are now ahead of us and we look forward to working with you as we develop Darkfall: Rise of Agon!

Have a great night everyone and stay tuned for our development roadmap this Friday.


The team at Big Picture Games


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