Rubaiyat Nile

New World Builder


This week I have some announcements regarding server hosting, an update on our business wide progress and a chance to introduce one of our very talented world builders.

Server Hosting


We outlined very early in our planning the importance of a one server solution for Rise of Agon. We know as well as any the damage that a split playerbase can cause, and that the competitiveness and pace of gameplay in Darkfall demands a low and stable latency. We are very happy to announce that our servers will be located in New York, USA. This is the most centralised hosting solution for both NA and EU players and will result in the best possible latency for both our American and European players. We’ve not only met our expected budget but we've managed to comfortaby blow the required hardware specifications out of the park and are extremely confident that we can offer the best infrastructure available for launch. Our system admins look forward to you joining us in our stress tests to see if you can break them – Rawr especially is doubtful, yet ready none the less.


What's New

Our business wide activity physically doubles each week; our marketing team is at peak operation and Michael, our Head of Marketing Strategy will be introducing the team in next week’s update, along with some important news. Please check back next week to hear more on this.


Extensive work on our website and 2D/3D artwork assets continues. We saw some finalised concepts from our artists for logos this week and we can't wait to have these finalised and out in the public domain. Seeing new original Darkfall artwork is something many of us thought we wouldn't see again - we can't wait to share it with you.

Last but certainly not least, I’d like to officially introduce Ron, a World Builder here at Big Picture Games. A long time personal friend of Andrew’s and life-long gamer. Ron’s played everything from fps games to side scrollers and sandbox titles like Minecraft. He is an exceptional virtual architect who's finishing up a game design program focusing on world building in Toronto. An admirer and enthusiast for level design, he has created several of the highest rated and most played maps in the Half-Life modification Natural Selection. Below are some samples from his portfolio and a link to see more:

To see Ron's full portfolio, please visit

Thanks so much for reading and please join in the debate on our forums, leave any questions you might have and do tune in next week as we will have some bigger announcements to share with you all.

Have a great weekend.