Launch Demon

Official Launch Patch Notes - May 5th, 2017


  • Champions
    • There are now 10 total Champion Spawns scattered around Agon (1 Champion Boss to be implemented soon)
  • Spawn Changes
    • The original Demon spawn above centre dungeon has been removed and replaced with Greater Infernals until further notice
    • Several rare golem spawns have been altered and added around Agon
    • Boss and Rare Golem Mega spawns have been greatly toned down
  • Skill/Attribute/Name Changes
    • About a dozen monsters have had their stats and/or health adjusted
    • Added more spells to the following monsters: Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Celestial, Infernal, Selentine Golem, Thainlich
    • Increased movement speed of the following monsters: Gnoll Vilegaunt, Thainlord
    • A few monsters have had their names changed
  • Greater infernals added to game
  • Raging mob loot tables have been updated to reflect food and potion changes
Exploit Prevention
  • Various terrain and prop fixes to roughly 20 previously exploitable mob spawns.
  • Monsters will now teleport back to their origin if they are being exploited.
Spawn Scaling
  • Goblins will now have a spawn scaling cap of 20
  • All other mobs will scale with a max of 3-5
  • Spawn scaling has been expanded to the following “Easy” spawns:   Brownies, Bone Knights, Manscorpions, Deadeyes, Swamp Hags, Lizardmen, Hawk Revenants, Jackal Revenants, Ork Thugs, Ork Bruisders, Ork Beastmasters, Ork Protectors, Sadayels, Akathars, and Kobolds
  • Bloodcraft
    • Lowered the iron ingot cost to match the armorsmithing cost
  • Digging
    • Implemented regional digging mechanic so that specific resources can be tied to specific areas
    • Added ability to dig up Sand in certain areas
    • Added ability to dig up  Clay in certain areas
    • Clay, Sand and Dirt drop amounts have been made more dynamic
    • Digging no longer cancels after each successful dig
  • Enchanting
    • Re-organized the gem max qualities that they can be used to enchant with
    • New enchanting materials have been added
    • Wind Shadowcrest is now Q2
    • Goblinoid Shadowcrest is now Q3
    • Dragon Bone is now Q5
    • Deinos Bone is now Q4
  • Shipbuilding
    • Decreased Ship Module cost by 75 wood and 50 gold
    • Fixes to where things can be crafted.
  • Alchemy
    • Added additional recipes to enchanting material combines
  • Engineering
    • Building Modules and Repair Shards moved from Construction to Engineering
    • Decreased building module cost to 30 stone, 10 wood
    • Increased repair shard cost to 25 gold, 15 stone, 2 quartz - output is now 5 per craft
    • Added the ability to craft  Nexus Entrances and Exits at 100 Engineering
    • Reverted increased beta gains to proper xp gains
  • Staff Crafting
    • Increased staff durability by about 50% across the board
    • “Lightstealer” requirement of “Wind Shadowcrest” has been changed to “Goblinoid shadowcrest”
    • “Darkheart” now requires “Tainted Heart” instead of “Hag Heart”
  • Scribing
    • Ball Lightning now costs 5 essences to match the other school bolt spells
    • Weakening Blaze now requires level 25 Scribing to match the other school elemental debuffs
    • Removed scrolls for the spells no longer available in game
  • Tailoring/Shadecraft
    • Slightly increased gold cost on all recipes that have “leather” as a component
    • Added component “Rib Cage” to crafting recipe “Bone Breastplate”
  • Weaponsmithing
    • “Axezilla’s” requirement of “Deinos Bone” has been changed to “Dragon Bone”
  • Smelting
    • Added recipe for Empty Bottle to smelting
  • Moved the “X” to the right.
  • GUI is now cleaned on loading screens and logout to help reduce clutter and GUI related bugs.
  • Personal/Clan/Captain banks now properly save the location of all items.
  • Players can increase the size of the main map.
  • Fixed an issue where blue players could attack a red player without getting flagged rogue.
  • Fixed an issue where a red player could heal a grey player without getting flagged rogue.
  • Fixed an exploit where players would not get attacked by NPC towers.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the hit protection showing on when it was actually off
  • Fixed an exploit allowing mounts to not drain stamina but remain sprinting speed.
  • Smoothed out dismounting on terrain.
  • First time characters with 24h protection can now ride and despawn their mounts, blocked from doing so to other player owned mounts.
Task System/Quests/Title Quests
  • Added a new task system to the game to reward players for a variety of “killing” and “gathering” feats throughout Agon
  • 41 total tasks currently, more to come in future patches
  • Loot from task completion is deposited directly to the player’s bank
  • Players in the same party will share kill credit as long as they are contributing to the spawn.(Tasks/Quests/Title Quests)
  • Players that are not in a party but deal damage to the monster that is killed and are a contributor to the spawn will share kill credit.(Tasks/Quests/Title Quests)
Wilderness Portals / Portal Chambers
  • Removed the ability to build clan city portal chambers
  • Over 75 Wilderness Portals have been added to the game at over 60 different locations throughout Agon with more to come!
  • Several unique plots have begun to spring up around Agon with more to come!
  • All deeds have been removed from the game while we finish implementing craftable deeds.
  • All monster loot and skinning tables have been completely redone from scratch
  • All chest, map, and key loot tables have been adjusted
  • All dynamic resources (Chaos chest, Pile of bones, Old barrel, etc) have been adjusted
  • Trade route and village rewards have been adjusted
  • Sea tower loot table has been adjusted
  • Removed Leather and Empty Bottles from Vendors
  • Harvesting rates have been adjusted
  • Gem drop rates have been decreased
  • The drop rates for high rank equipment has been greatly reduced from monsters
  • Rare ore has been reduced from all sources, they will now be rarer and more valuable
  • The global rare loot table has been completely redone
  • Runestone and portal shard drop rates have been reduced
  • House add-on items now drop from boss monsters, trade routes, and villages
  • TOS updated
  • New starter weapon “Founders Blade” has been introduced and will be patched in to all Legend pack holders in a  following hotfix
  • Reverted beta XP gains
  • Removed beta watermark
  • Reverted beta Shipbuilding and Engineering gains
  • Disabled the Sea Towers and Demon for the time being.
  • Added Racial Skill information to the character creation screen.
  • Removed Funhulks for now
  • On-screen message now appears when looting papyrus and mushrooms
  • Reduced channel time of Bindstone recall, house recall, capital recall and runestone use by 30%
  • Clan nodes max capacity has been changed to 1000
  • Clan nodes will no longer start at “full” after server maintenance, instead they will start at 100
  • Harvesting from clan nodes now has cap of its primary resource of 3 and secondary resource of 2 (3 timber per swing, 2 resin per swing)
  • Seaweed can now be obtained through fishing of normal nodes.
  • Adjusted player city/hamlet guard towers to be less random in the damage they deal
  • Increased Capital, Starter and Outer city tower damage.
  • “Shovel” can now be purchased from the vendor(can still be crafted as well)
Miscellaneous Fixes
  • Fixed papyrus targeting model
  • Icons for city building menu should now be properly visible
  • Fixed text description for Water Breathing
  • The window when splitting a stack of items should now remain as the focus.
  • Fixed the first kill of the day for monsters giving unintended amount of loot.
  • Mushrooms no longer have physical or spell collision
  • The first tab in a vendor window will no longer open automatically when speaking with an NPC
  • Vendor tabs will no longer scroll to the top of the menu when a spell/skill is purchased

Known Issues

  • Sub token not available yet
  • Founder blade not available yet
  • Monsters heal other monsters with same type damage (fire elemental shooting fire magic will heal another fire elemental)
  • Hit protection image is wrong only when logging into a new area for the first time. 
  • Some small issues with task system, descriptions and such that will be resolved asap.

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