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Store Overview, Name Reservation and Free Game Access


Hi everyone,

Today we wanted to discuss what to expect in our online store when we open up our new options for purchase. We also will be covering how our Legend Pack owners will be able to reserve their names for launch and when to expect that service to go live. Finally we have a quick marketing update for everyone on what is on-going over the next few weeks leading up to launch.

Free Game Access

Darkfall: Rise of Agon will be free to play until we shut down the servers on April 24th in preparation for launch, all that you need to do is create an account and download the game client from our Online Store page.

Online Store

When we open up for purchase our new online store options, scheduled for this upcoming Thursday morning, there will be two options that will be available; gametime packages and Nithron coin packages. The following outlines each option and what the standard cost at launch will be.

Gametime Packages

For the next few weeks we will be offering gametime packages that will apply a number of days to your account balance for launch. When we release the game these packages will be converted into recurring subscriptions for anyone who wishes to keep their account active on a recurring basis.

These are the packages and their standard prices:

  • 30 days of gametime   - $9.99
  • 90 days of gametime   - $26.99 (10% off per month)
  • 180 days of gametime - $44.99 (25% off per month)

Nithron Coin Packages

We also will be launching our Nithron coin packages with our store update which will provide six different options for you to choose from, with some providing bonus coins at the time of purchase. Nithron coins are the currency that will be used to purchase in-game services such as our in-game subscription token, sex/race changes as well as cosmetics and novelty items that will be added throughout development.

These are the packages and their standard prices:

  • 50 Nithron coins   - $4.99
    • +0% bonus = 50 total coins
  • 100 Nithron coins  - $9.99
    • +0% bonus = 100 total coins
  • 200 Nithron coins  - $19.99
    • +5% bonus = 210 total coins
  • 500 Nithron coins  - $49.99
    • +10% bonus = 550 total coins
  • 1000 Nithron coins - $99.99
    • +15% bonus = 1,150 total coins
  • 2000 Nithron coins - $199.99
    • +25% bonus = 2,500 total coins

Upcoming Store Items

At launch we will have our in-game subscription token that players will be able to purchase for 100 Nithron coins. Purchasing this item through our online store will add a token to your in-game account that you can use to add 30 days of gametime to your active subscription date.

After launch we will be adding in race, sex and name changes along with cosmetics that will also be purchasable by spending Nithron coins.

Early Bird Special

During the lead up to our official launch all of our store packages will be on a 10% "early bird special" sale. This includes both gametime and Nithron coin packages. This sale will end at launch at which point all packages will return to their normal prices. Make sure to take advantage of this offer to stock up on Nithron coins or to add more gametime to your account!

Legend Pack Name Reservation

We will be sending out our final newsletter to all of our contacts in the coming days which will include instructions on how to reserve your name for launch. This will be a service that is accessible through your account page and will only be available for individuals who purchased a Legend Pack during Alpha or Early Access. The newsletter to scheduled to go out Thursday morning at which point we will activate this service for all Legend Pack owners.

Marketing Update

The marketing team wanted to provide a quick update on the timeline of events leading up to launch, and what to expect on official release.

  • Our final newsletter is scheduled to go out on Thursday morning which will cover the details of the upcoming launch, the key changes that have occurred during Alpha and Early Access, as well as other pertinent information.
  • The release of our last newsletter will coincide with the launch of our new store options and name reservation for Legend Pack owners.
  • We have contacts we have made who are planning to stream and/or make videos for us at launch, along with a large contact list of individuals that we will be sending out official invitations to for the week of launch.
  • There are a few large marketing campaigns we have been working on scheduled to begin at launch - these campaigns are partnered with a 3rd party and we expect quite a lot of exposure to come from these endeavors! Due to the nature of the beta server, along with the transition period leading up to launch, these campaigns are best suited to occur at launch and not before.
  • We will release the details of our Referral System when the server shuts down before launch, along with the best ways that you in our community can help us have an exciting and action packed launch!


From the data and metrics that we have internally, along with feedback we have received from others in the gaming industry, we are very excited and looking forward to having a great launch. We hope to see all of you and your friends there at the start of a new chapter for Darkfall!

Stay tuned for our Friday update where we will be going over the details of how Player Points will be converted into Nithron coins for launch, and thank you for reading!

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- The Team at Big Picture Games