Patch Notes - April 10th, 2018


Greetings Agonians,

As promised in our our last development update we are delivering a small patch today with a few small fixes and changes. The patch notes are as follows:

  • Remove Lesser Magic Reagent Cost
  • Clan indicator turned on
    • Like the 3D party indicator above players heads, it will now be easier to track your clan members on the battlefield!
  • Pungent Mist Changes
    • Casting time reduced by 33%
    • Mana and Stamina costs reduced to match Eye Rot
  • Crafting
    • Material costs for Dragon Bloodcrafting has been fixed.
  • Global Wallet
    • We have hopefully isolated the issue with global wallet not functioning during some vendor and crafting transactions, please report if you experience any more issues.
  • Dynamic Loot
    • Dynamic Ore Veins
      • Models for veilron, selentine, leenspar and theyril have been added.
      • Bug that allowed extra ore to be extracted before the node disappeared has been fixed.
    • Chaos Chests
      • Chaos chests have had their loot tables increased substantially and drop rate reduced.
  • General
    • Removed unused items from the market category tree
    • Added masks and hats under clothing in category tree

Thanks for all the support and we hope to do another follow up patch within the next week that will expand on our Nithron Coin Store offerings. 

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- The Team at Big Picture Games