Open World Mount Fighting

Patch Notes - August 10th, 2016


Today we have our first feedback patch to LDHI 1, mostly consisting of things we have observed from the first few days of play as well as things we have heard from the community.  Read below for the full patch notes:

PATCH NOTES 8/10/2016

  • Due to a fix to configuration server side, all mobs should now be spawning.

    • Specifically in tiles: F18, F19, F20, F21, F22. E19, E20, E22, G21, G22, G23, G24, R21

  • Arrows will now auto equip when a bow is unsheathed if you have them in your backpack and they are not equipped already.

  • Hotbars:

    • Contextual Cycling mode will now take into account bow/staff/melee and skip skills/spells that don’t apply.

    • Cycling will now skip spells if you do not have the reagents to cast them.

    • Swapping 1-hander/shield with others on drop is now implemented.

    • Cycles are now reset automatically when it is no longer your last active cycle.

  • Resource Nodes:

    • Increased probability of base resource

    • decreased the probability of the secondary resource (reagent), but increased the quantity dropped from one to two.

      • Changes apply to tree, rock, metal and bush.

    • Herb probability in shrubs has been decreased, while the probability for strawberries and blueberries increased.

  • Mobs:

    • All mobs will now drop tombstones 100% of the time

      • This applied to roughly 30 mobs

    • The loot tables on these mobs have been adjusted accordingly including a net increase of loot by approximately 10%

    • Added a 100% chance of getting 3 transfer requiring regents on some starter mobs like goblins, kobolds and trolls.

  • Stat skill-ups:

    • Removed Quickness and Vitality gains on Sprint, Swimming and Riding

    • Increased Quickness gains on All melee to match that of Vitality by 3x the previous rate

    • Increased Quickness gains on Archery by 41%

  • Head weight cut in half (to 5kg)

Thanks for reading and please join us in the discussion thread!


- The Team at Big Picture Games