Fighting on the Bridge

Patch Notes - August 17th, 2016


Hi everyone,

Today we have for you some more general fixes, our very first world building change (guinea pig), and some hotbar improvements based off of your feedback:


  • Altered Fish Stew recipe to require a reasonable amount of components

  • Fixed Mana Blast still requiring 2 ash

  • Fixed players going rogue from buffing/healing a 0 alignment player

  • Added mana/stamina costs on Spell tool tips

  • Svartfjord - The "Guinea Pig" Hamlet

    • Added ability to build the following missing crafting stations - we plan to do this for all hamlets sooner rather than later and are using this as a test

      • Smithy

      • Thurmagist

      • Alchemy Table

      • Oven

  • Added cycles bar for slots that have more than one item (excluding 1-hander and shield) opens with right click or drag/hover

  • Dropping skills/items replaces the slot contents rather than adding to the list

  • Skills that previously didn't level like Rage or Throwing will now properly level

  • Batch move now works with the trash bin with its own confirmation dialog

  • Change Clan/ally Kills from alignment loss to 2 minute rogue

Fixed in last patch but forgot to mention:

  • Fixed disabling blow not working under water

  • Fixed bug which allowed spells to get “stuck” on a slot until a relog

Thank you for reading today's patch notes, and we look forward to your feedback. We also have our Supporter Pack Giveaway still going on and you can make entries to it for the next three days, do not miss out on an opportunity for one of 10 Supporter Packs!

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- The Team at Big Picture Games