Eslingar Hamlet Crafting Station Test

Patch Notes - August 28th, 2016



Hi everyone and happy Sunday,

We are sorry for the relatively long wait for this patch, but we encountered a few issues along the way that pushed our patch day back a few. Here are the patch notes for you to look over!

Patch Notes August 28th, 2016:

  • Alignment can now be gained by killing monsters inside mainland continental dungeons
    • Partied players will split gains
    • 104 spawns in all
  • Players can now craft while holding a shield!
  • Lowered skill requirement to craft rafts from 50 Woodcutting to 25
  • Added Smelting functionality to hamlet Smithy stations
  • Reduced cost of Disabling Blow from 1000g to 500g
  • Added "Nectar of the Gods" to many gathering related starter quests
    • Raises all attributes 1 point
    • Only works with stats less than 25
  • Numerous hamlet placement and workstation fixes
  • Added all crafting stations as well as enhanced and adjusted props on all remaining hamlets
    • Uqtu
    • Mavengar
    • Qiqatak
    • Khanruk
    • Surtstone
    • Skogal
    • Shargal
    • Skaranibben
    • Vranghorn
    • Isturuk
    • Quarendel
    • Banagar
    • Furghum
    • Kalthadar
    • Kharhendak
    • Moherah
    • Slimiyat
    • Sorgom
    • Ul’Turah
    • Ichtan
    • Tenaland
    • Tirghan
    • Anjir
    • Eslingar
    • Sunstone Island
    • Western Tlaloc
  • Normalized the weight of fish to 0.5kg
  • Contextual Harvesting
    • Pressing the use button on a resource node will automatically equip the proper tool for it
  • Lowered city node output rate

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- The Team at Big Picture Games