Patch Notes - February 14th, 2018


Greetings Agonians,

As promised in our recent news post we are delivering a small patch today with some small fixes and changes. The patch notes are as follows:

General Changes

  • "Blue Bug" issues are hopefully resolved with this upcoming patch as players leaving NPC cities are now triggering the correct transitions. We believe this was responsible for players becoming blue bugged in lawless villages and player cities.
  • There are also initial changes made to monster AI. Enemies will now show more aggression and will be much less "flighty" when players are engaged with them.
  • Party icons on the mini-map will no longer flicker when an entry is in the filter search bar.
  • Server Performance Optimizations


Thanks to all for the continued support, please check out our recent news post about our AGON’S COMMUNITY TALENT (ACT) initiative. Next patch coming later this month will be our Market Patch which we are all looking forward to. 

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- The Team at Big Picture Games