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Patch Notes - January 28th, 2017


PATCH NOTES 01/28/2017

Hi everyone,

We apologize for the delay in getting out this patch, Christmas holidays and various bugs that took some time to get resolved have slowed us in the past month. Please find the patch notes for January 28th below. 

  • Village area now turns lawless 30 minutes before a village goes live until 30 minutes after it has been captured. (300m distance, 150m for lainstone being close to NPC outpost)
  • Players can now control the lawful status of their lands (To open up the territory control menu press alternate use (Default G) on the Bindstone of your holding)
    • If the average clan alignment is negative the tile and city will be lawless.
    • If the average clan alignment is positive the owners will have a choice of:
    • Lawless tile and lawless city
    • Lawful tile and lawless city
    • Lawful tile and lawful city
    • This currently sets all holdings to option selected (Initial implementation)
      • Sorgom is permanently set to lawful/lawful for now because it encompasses an NPC city in the tile.
  • Shipbuilding and shipbuilding mastery revamped (Gains x50 for testing purposes)
  • Engineering and engineering mastery revamped (Gains x50 for testing purposes)
  • Initial tracking has been added for damage/debuffs taken by mobs
  • Paperdoll lock has been removed
  • Small tweaks have been made to help with ghost-cast issue (More coming)
  • Wall of Force cooldown increased to 60 seconds and has a significantly higher stat cost
  • R70 reach increase has been reverted
  • War status now over-rides hit protection
  • Texture lag has been fixed and textures adjusted
  • Christmas drops have been removed
  • Global gains for the rest of beta have been increased x10 for everything
  • Stormblast now cause rogue when hitting a player even with hit protection on
  • Knockback Club book should now result in the proper system message
  • Q3 venomsac combination now requires the proper materials