Duo Windmills

Patch Notes - June 19th, 2017


Greetings Agonians,

Recently we finalized configuration of and deployed our public test server which we are very excited about. This server will be open to all active players whenever we need key features and changes tested by you in our community or wish to gather feedback on something before we implement it. The first set of changes we asked your help in testing was a possible fix for the server desync/delay that has been happening every time our new persistence saves data from the server. We appreciate all of you who logged in to help test these changes out and we are hopeful that this patch will alleviate the issues you guys have been encountering the past few weeks.

Without further ado, here are today's patch notes: 

  • Chat channels have been revamped
    • Race and Race Alliance channels have been removed
    • Trade is now global (/trade /say_trade)
      • Negative alignment player names will appear red
      • Positive alignment player names will appear blue
      • A 3 minute cooldown on messages has been added
    • Clan Recruiting channel has been added (/recruitment /say_recruitment)
      • Negative alignment players names will appear red
      • Positive alignment players names will appear blue
      • A 3 minute cooldown on messages has been added
    • New Order channel - for all positive alignment players (/order /say_order)
    • New Chaos channel - for all negative alignment players (/chaos /say_chaos)
  • Disabling Blow and Disabling Shot
    • Duration reduced 37.5%
  • Decreased the damage of Thunderstorm by 10%
  • Polearms
    • Removed knockback from all Polearm attacks
    • Power Attack
      • Removed Dexterity & Intelligence drain
      • Added Strength & Quickness drain
      • Piercing debuff for 3.5 in the front
      • Duration 15 seconds
  • Goblin Warlord no weapon fix
  • Fix for right-click annotation client crash
  • Alignment Changes / Fixes
    • The orange color for alignment has been removed - Red starts right at -1
    • If a character is red and inside an NPC city they are -200 or above and the towers will zap if you attack them
    • Reviving a red/rogue (grey) player will now flag you as rogue (grey)
    • Dungeons should now properly register as lawless
      • Excludes dungeons inside new player/hit protection areas - they remain as lawful areas
    • Fixed a bug causing players to die from guard towers when bindstoning back from a lawless area
  • World building
    • New gravestone for "Sho Nuff"
      • Sho Nuff loved to help new players. He spent most of his time in Darkfall teaching his two boys how to play; whom inevitably became much better than him. His favorite place was his home in Erraniyat on his favorite continent Ruby.  His tombstone can be found on the beach there.
    • Miscellaneous prop fixes
  • Adjusted Trawling area/ship loot tables
  • Parry is now a skill in game that can be bound to other burst keys
  • Parry can also now automatically happen when pulling out any weapon (edit that in slot options menu)
  • Server optimizations - fix for delay/desync during world saves
  • Villages rewards are now capped at 8 players
  • Village stones are immune to repair shards
  • Adjusted Sea Tower timers and loot
  • All housing items on any Cottage/House/Villa/Large Villa/Keep that expires will be removed

Thank you for reading and we look forward to your feedback on the server performance. Stay tuned for further updates later on this week.

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- The Team at Big Picture Games