Patch Notes - June 22nd 2018


Greetings Agonians,

Today's patch features an overhaul of the alignment system and how good/evil players are determined. This will allow for much less abuse of player killing than previously with the alignment dungeons. We are also introducing War Zones, this is a necessity to stop players losing alignment during sieges in lawful territories and one of the final steps before we start introducing the new Territory Control mechanics. Here is the notes:


    • Killing a blue when you are blue sets you to -50, no matter what your alignment is.
    • Each blue kill while you are below 0 are -50 alignment
    • 25% regeneration reduction per kill count.
    • 4 kill counts max.
    • A kill count is removed 7 days after it was received. If you get another kill count before the timer expires on the previous, the timer starts over.
    • Ganking, tapout or letting the player bleed out is the only way to lose alignment. If you or someone else resurrects them you are safe.
    • Alignment now regenerates 1 point per hour online or off and cannot be gained by praying or farming mobs.
    • After 24hrs and additional point is added per hour assuming you do not kill another blue.
    • After 48 hours another point is added for a total of 3 points per hour gained.
    • Alignment Reset!! For those of you who are below 0 alignment you will have a 1 time chance on your next login to reset to 0 alignment with the addition of this patch!

Player cities and War Zones

    • You no longer have control over the lawfulness of the territory your cities resides on, but you still have control over who can safely enter your city limits (guard policy).
    • Player cities will now expand their city radius to 1.5km when sieged. The guard policy will still be enabled so if you are not allowing anyone but allies within your city limits then anyone within the war zone that is not an ally will become rogue.
    • NPC cities take precedent, so if your war zone overlaps an NPC city, which many will, then you will be able to enter the NPC city after your rogue wears off. Be mindful of those towers!
    • Portal chambers and system messages have been turned back on in all cities and hamlets.


    • Clan Name Change Tokens have been added.
    • Made improvements to some gm tools for banning/muting players
    • A new area lawful indicator has been placed above the player effects bar at the top of the screen to help you remember where you are!
    • Player Title implementation has been overhauled to allow more freedom, faster turnaround and easier creation and assignment of new titles.
    • Agon chat cooldown reduced to 45 seconds
    • Champion Stage 3 Timer increased by 50%


- The Team at Big Picture Games