Ore vein with blue rocks and a player character standing next to it

Patch Notes - March 26th 2018 and Free Period Extension until April 2nd



Just a small patch today to add the dynamic rare ore spawns that can now be found around Agon. We have also added some more fixes for the issues with global wallet. As a result of some of the issues over the weekend we have decided to push the free period end time until maintenance on April 2nd.

  • New rare ore veins can be found around Agon.
    • Each type of rare ore can be found in different regions of the world.
      • Mainland: Selentine
      • Niffleheim: Neithal
      • Yssam: Veilron
      • Cairn: Leenspar
      • Rubaiyat: Theyril
    • Rare ore has been removed from standard nodes.
    • Note: we are currently using the neithal vein for all models and will patch in the new models when they are completed.
  • Global wallet fixes
  • We've been working the kinks out of the global wallet and today we're adding in some more fixes. Let us know if there are any more issues.


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