Patch Notes - November 18th, 2018


Greetings Agonians,

Today we bring you a small patch with mostly PvE additions and changes. We've added some named mob spawns, tweaked some spawns and hopefully with our changes to the Demon it will be a hotspot once again.


  • Several new named monsters have been introduced to the world of Agon. These named monsters are famous monsters who each have their own backstory within the games lore which will be expanded upon with future lorebooks that they will drop. In order to spawn a named monster you will have to clear the spawn that they are designated to and with a little bit of luck they might appear as the monsters respawn.
  • Azrael The Traitor - A former prodigious cleric; now corrupted by the Watcher's influence multiplying his powers and guiding him down a path of darkness to serve the ultimate evil. Azrael The Traitor resides within a small fortress in the cursed land of Ubelenfau.
  • Ancient Dragon - A legendary dragon standing as one of the last remnants of superior dragon breeding by the Nithron civilization; these creatures have lost all sense of control and will now attack without provocation. The Ancient Dragon can be found below the Ubelenfau Castle.
  • The Forgotten One - A devoted follower of the Watcher before his transition into the deathless god. Now a hugely powerful hooded one, it holds many secrets - and perhaps the key to deathless transition. The Forgotten One resides within the walls of the Ubelenfau Castle.
  • Vladan The Immortal - One of the Watcher's early companions in his pursuit of power and immortality before his transition into the deathless god; Vladan is the founder of the Oathsworn and a loyal servant to the Watcher, Vladan The Immortal resides within his fortress in the cursed land of Nurenfau.
  • Grand Marshal Arkeil- Lord Arkeil is a ruthless black lord general who was given enormous power and authority through the Watcher's influence. Grand Marshal Arkeil can be found within the Ubelenfau Castle Dungeon.
  • The Leviathan - A legendary kraken that has crossed the boundary from the Shadelands to Agon. Said to be reinforced by the spirits of vengeful sea creatures; Leviathan will attack relentlessly and brutally. The Leviathan can be found roaming around all the oceans of Agon.
  • Various Monster Spawns have been modified at center map.
  • The Elkar Dungeon (SW Serruk) had a spawn changed to prevent exploitation.
  • 10 new monster toys have been added to their respective mobs (Check out the forum for treasure hunt event)
  • Phial Attribute Potions have been removed from the Gargantua, they will now drop from Named Monsters, Demons, and the new Guardian monsters found at center map.
  • The Demons at center map have had their difficulty and loot adjusted slightly, they have also had their respawn timer reduced and will spawn faster than they did previously to encourage more player activity at center map.
  • Removed Q6 Casting Speed Onyx Gems from Sealed Treasures.


  • All crafting costs have been updated.
  • Shipbuilding level requirements have been changed for some non-mastery ships.


- The Team at Big Picture Games